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Perhaps, if we were to believe in science and fiction, there are indeed other universes. And that, along with the belief of these other universes, there are infinite possibilities. And that, within these possibilities, there is one where we met and where we didn't. Perhaps, in another universe, where we weren't supposed to meet the way we did, our lines barely intersecting, oblivious of the great love that did not even remotely cross paths, we could have lived happily just the same. Perhaps.

But then, there would also be a universe wherein we met, but only tangentially so, and not bringing us to the road that led us to this. Maybe, in another timeline, we would have met in class, we would have laughed at the same jokes and shared the same umbrella one rainy afternoon. Maybe we would have had the chance to talk about music, and we would've known that we both liked The Cure, that I adored Deftones, that you loved Led Zeppelin. Then we would've gone our separate ways just the same, and that would have been that. Or maybe, in yet another dimension, for some reason or another - a butterfly landing on a different leaf, or the wind blowing south instead of east - we did not meet the people whose hearts we will break. Regardless, we would have been different people. And when the cosmos finally decided it's time for us to meet again, it would not have worked, for I have not been bruised, and you, not jaded.

And the thing is, the thought of that universe existing casts a sudden, hollow pain inside my chest, so much more than the thought of one where we never met. For it means we were so close, but not even quite at the point of an almost - that we caught the light but only a flicker, that we circled around the sun but we were facing the moon.

If I can posit one consistent fact across all universes, though, it's that everyone will somehow be touched by some kind of music that reaches deep into our souls. Who wouldn't be? I can feel it in my bones that the stardust they say we are all made of, this stardust kneels down to song. It recognizes music as a higher, supreme being. And I am quite sure, by the way the nerves down my spine tingle to the opening riffs of some truly outstanding ballads, that there is no variant of me existing elsewhere that has not at all found my way to great music, those whose lyrics resound, and whose melodies affirm.

I say this because at this very moment, as I listen to the Beatles' Revolver, all I can think of is how beautiful it is to stumble upon songs that can transcend time and space, sound and light, fiction and non-fiction, infinities upon infinities; but then also, I think to myself, what a travesty it is, how cruel, how tragic for me to have stumbled upon Here, There, and Everywhere in the same timeline where I met you only briefly, barely; to sing its every word by heart, and not have a love like ours punctuate the chorus.


i'll make it to the moon if i have to crawl

"The thing I love about the Peppers is that the music is so happy but at the same time it’s hardcore — it’s hardcore happiness. 'Cause you know, they sing about a happy that you have to be sad to get there. So when Anthony sings about ‘taking it on the other side,’ you know that motherf*cker was on the other side. When they sing ‘Scar Tissue,’ you know they got scars." 

— Chris Rock, inducting the RHCP into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

When the darkness within you isn't leading you to the light, at least be thankful that it's led you to good music. Good, heavy rock music. It heals.

For the last fourteen days, it's been the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The whole damn discography, from Freaky Styley to the golden-era of John Frusciante to the most recent The Getaway. And shit, I think it just might have changed my life. I am not kidding.

I've known them for a good fraction of my post-adolescence - always hearing them on the radio, or on the bus, or in someone's car - but they never really spoke to me until now. Holy Mercury in retrogade, I am grateful. Truly effin' grateful.

P.S. After all these years, "Dani California" is still my favorite. "Scar Tissue" and "The Zephyr Song" are now tied in second. "Under the Bridge" comes a close third. But man the guitar riffs in "BSSM" deserve a spot too. 


blues, grays, and permutations thereof

The first time I heard this song in a TV show, a teenager who suffered a heart attack is being resuscitated, a man who murdered his brother is in prison for killing someone else, a fetus' heartbeat is heard for the first time after its pregnant high school mother wakes up from a coma, a heartbroken ex-girlfriend comes to terms with her great love and best friend being together.

Such incredible recovery from dire circumstances. I was fifteen years old, bawling my eyes out, completely alien to losses of this magnitude, but nonetheless affected by it. That episode hit me hard, but for reasons that don't really go beyond the show. Like a dutiful fan, I took that song with me - I found a copy on Limewire, put it on my iPod, and had it filed under my 'One Tree Hill mix.' And life went on as usual.

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in a mile you'll be feeling fine

In celebration of my iPod Classic's 10th birthday, I share with you a song I first heard in 2006. Ten years later and it still gets me going. Like an anthem that pushes me to work even in the middle of the night, like a comrade that pulls me out of bed in the morning.

man, she saves me
'til this day I don't know why
she picked me up
when I was down on the road
with the wind when it blowed


Everyday is a Sunday Evening

Tomorrow, school officially starts again. And for obvious reasons, I've been feeling sentimental these last couple of days. I spent the better part of last week holed up in my grandparents' house in Batangas, poring over old photo albums and yearbooks, reading old books, and binge-watching former favorite TV shows. That, of course, includes a marathon of One Tree Hill.

I always kid myself that One Tree Hill is my "the one that got away." The show I wish I didn't have to let go of. It was such a monumental part of my adolescent life (I mean, have you seen this blog's archives?! And wait 'til you see my iPod playlists!) and I'd like to think a good portion of who I am now is pretty much an effect of a lot that I took away from that show. Before it became all-out soap-y and campy in its latter seasons (which I no longer watched), OTH was a laid-back show that had quite a bit of petty drama, but always with high stakes. And for a 15-year-old with raging hormones, it didn't matter that they were just fighting about boys and basketball; the drama meant something to me. (The music too.) It all meant a lot, even though in the grander scheme of things, it actually meant so little.

I guess a part of me wanted to binge-watch OTH again because I wanted to remember what it felt like to watch that show as a young teenager with nary a sense of what the world was like. Sure, at the height of the show's popularity (and my addiction to it), I thought I could relate to the characters' drama - graduation and senioritis, worrying about what college to go to, dreading the thought of missing your friends. Falling in love.

But watching parts of Season 3 and 4 again over the last few days made me realize how — despite my repeated viewings of each episode back in high school — I never really got it. Or rather, I got it much differently than I should have. It's only now that I'm seeing so much more of what each character was going through. And it's only at this time in my life, when I'm almost eight years removed from high school, that I'm realizing how much wisdom there is to be found in that show.

I'm particularly fond of one episode in Season 3, "Everyday is a Sunday Evening." I remember having a copy of it burned on a DVD and playing it every chance I get on whatever player there is in our house or in my grandparent's house. I was super obsessed with it because it was an episode that had Nathan as the central character (as opposed to the lead, Lucas), evidenced by his voice-over from the beginning and the end. Obviously, anything #NathanScott and #Naley will always top my book, but this one was just really special. Its central conflict was about his determination to bring the Tree Hill Ravens to the State Championship. But there were so many other elements of that episode that I feel pretty much encapsulated why it held so true — and even more so, actually, at present. I watched it again and felt the same kind of affection for it, but also a new-found sense of awe that it still had layers I could only have understood now, at 24, when I'm about to leave law school and start my life for real.

THIS. Basically sums up my feelings right now.

I'm still not in the same position as the characters in the show. I still don't know much about basketball; I'm not about to carry my entire team on my shoulders for a championship; I'm not a married high school senior; I don't have effed up parents who are rarely at home nor do I have psycho stalkers.

But I have been through something incredibly life-changing in the last few months and years. I've experienced heartbreak, I've dealt with grief. I've lost something I never thought I'd ever have; I've re-gained something I never thought I can be without.

What I do share with the characters right now is that feeling of overwhelming exhilaration to the point of dread. I am suddenly so keenly aware of how much I am at the tip of the roller coaster, the edge of the precipice. I'm so close to the top, but also so near to the big drop.

There's this line in this particular episode, where Peyton says:

"You know that feeling you get on a Sunday where you just have the whole day to yourself, and it's been great, and then you remember you have to go to school the next day, so it ruins the rest of the night? I have to go home tomorrow, and so I've got that feeling. It's like Sunday night."

It's exactly how I'm feeling right now. Literally, because it's a Sunday, and figuratively, because this entire semester is like the metaphorical Sunday of the rest of my life. Law school is the easy part, actually. Monday means the future, everything that lies ahead. Do I feel afraid? Do I feel excited? How do I label both?

OTH doesn't give me the answers — as does life, no matter how much I ask myself this — but there is comfort in knowing that there probably isn't one at the moment, and that I am not alone in feeling confused. It's okay to feel both thrilled and worried at the same time. It's normal to be anxious at what lies ahead but still look forward to it, even though you have no control of your future. Just the thought of what lies ahead is scary, but also thrilling. Oddly enough, it's precisely this ambivalence that I find relief in. That there are others who probably feel the same way, it makes me feel more normal, less lonely.

Less adrift, less lost.

And sometimes that's all we need. Even if it's comfort from a TV show. As long as it keeps you going, right?

God, I love this show.

(Man, all these years, and this show can still give me feels!)


Lightning strikes every time she moves

The OCJ JARIP Interns with Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes P.A. Sereno

Didn't think I'd ever actually appropriate a Calvin Harris/Rhianna song to my feelings about my two-month stint at the Office of the Chief Justice. But, well, there you go. When you work for her, you can't help but feel that this person is so influential and so certain in her resolve that there's no way you can look away. You just have to watch her move, because she's amazing. And when you do, she looks right back: calling you out, guiding you, making you feel like you're really doing something for the country.

It was such an honor to have worked under the guidance of this brilliant, inspiring, and dedicated public servant. Thank you for opening our eyes to the importance of judicial reform and service, Chief. In a country full of uncertainties, you remain a guiding light, a driving force. :)




A glimpse of the SC Justice Zone Project

The Angeles City Hall of Justice, one of the pilot eCourts for the Justice Zone Project of the Supreme Court. This HOJ is fully automated, from filing, raffle, docketing, hearing, to issuance of orders. It also has complete facilities for all judges, clerks of court, prosecutors, PAO, PPA, and other offices involved in the administration of justice. Aside from that it houses the back-up data center of all existing eCourt data in the region so far. Right now, each branch here only has around 200-300 cases (down from an estimate of 1,300 before the automation) and has improved significantly in terms of efficiency in the adjudication of cases.

Hopefully, by 2019, the other courts in the project will be fully renovated and automated as well, including NCR, Region IV-A and Region VII.

Yay, progress! :) #JudicialReform #JusticeZone




#DalagaNa: My First Beauty Post, because why not?

Hello to everyone who missed me! My blog was down for about three weeks because my domain expired and I completely forgot about it. I was so lost because I just didn't have the time to figure things out due to my internship, but thanks to the help of my good friend, Adrian, I have it back up again! So yep, this blog is still alive. And I'm still alive. Busy, but having quite a grand time!

This week, I missed work to spend a long-awaited vacation with my family to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. I wanted my first post back from the unintended hiatus to be about the trip, but we just got home today and I'm still in the middle of sorting out all the photos - they're quite a lot! Not to mention, I also have some deliverables from work that I still have to accomplish, so that SG/KL post might take a while. But in the interest of updating this thing again, and writing while I do have the time, here's a little something different.

My ask box has been quite ~dead~ lately, but there are a few questions that keep getting asked time and time again. Just last week, when I opened my account after ages, I saw several make-up related queries, one of which I already answered. But a few hours later, I received other questions on it again. So due to insistent - err, can one person be considered "public"? - demand, I've decided to write about something I've never done before in this blog: beauty!

That's right. Finally, at 24, I've reached a point where I kinda know stuff! :)) Some time in the last four years of law school, my small group of girl friends took great interest in watching make-up tutorials and reviews on YouTube during our break time. For me, it started out as just listening to them in the background to keep myself awake while studying. But then it turned into genuine curiosity. I ended up following IG accounts, discovering and finding blogger make-up friends, and always checking out make-up counters. Suddenly, I was discovering the joys of playing with my face. My ordinary wash-tone-moisturize-step-out-the-door routine just didn't cut it anymore.

I slowly started building my collection - not big, but just decent enough to get me through different days and different moods. And you know what? I'm actually quite pleased! I've now gone through enough BB creams, eyeshadows, lipsticks, etc to finally say that I have my "staples" and "holy grails." #NAKS. Not that I'm an expert in any way, or anything. But I do get a few compliments on my make-up every now and then, and it's so thrilling, especially because it's something I NEVER imagined myself dabbling into. Random comments from Titas are the best! Haha! (Also compliments from the Boyfriend, but that's always a given :P )


So how do I start this? I actually have no idea, but I'm diving into it the same way I dove into the world of cosmetics: Bahala na! Please just indulge me as I write this. #DalagaNa!

Here's the question that got me thinking about writing a beauty entry:

"What is your daily skincare and makeup routine?"

And after I answered that here, it came with a follow-up:

"So does the BB cream already serve as your moisturizer? Or do you still tone and moisturize before? I'm so overwhemled by all the products I read online and I just want a simple, hassle-free routine for everyday where I don't have to put on too much and feel cakey all throughout haha. I just saw that you post some makeup related stuff every now and then and thought it wouldn't hurt to ask hahaha sorry for bothering you with these MU questions!"

First off: whoever you are, Anon, whether or not my answers help you out, I owe you a great amount of thanks for finally convincing me to write about this stuff! It's always been at the back of my mind, something to try for trying's sake. But I never had the reason (or excuse!) to do so. Until now! If this becomes a thing I enjoy, it's all your fault! Hahaha ;) Anyway, I'll be expanding on the answer I first gave on my Ask.fm, and then incorporate the answer to the newer question.


From pre-adolescence to my teenage years, and even through my 20s, I've had a very simple, no-fuss habit when it comes to my face: cleanse-tone-moisturize. And it's still pretty much the same up to this day, except that I finally changed brands just a few years ago. Yep, since I hit puberty until I was about 22, I was still using Clean and Clear! Bagets! But I made the switch when I realized I needed something more appropriate for my age. So now, I'm using Neutrogena across the board - facial wash, toner, and moisturizer or cream. I'm currently using two ranges, alternating between them depending on whether I'm in Paranaque or in QC. Right now, at home, I'm using the Neutrogena Daily Pore Cleanser line. In my dorm, however, I have their Fine Fairness toner and night cream.

Just recently, I've added something new to my ritual: serum. My dad went to Korea a few months ago for work, and as pasalubong, I asked for a ton of skincare stuff (!!!) - one of them being this Innisfree White C Double Serum. It's super lightweight and smells amazing! I put it on before I apply my moisturizer. Ever since I incorporated it into my routine, I've noticed my face appears brighter and a bit more glowing. Lol, or baka ako lang yun kasi placebo effect! HAHA.

Another important step I've recently added to my nightly habit is removing my make-up. I used to not wear make-up to school, with the exception of eyeliner and lipstick. (Ah those were the days! I miss being able to get away with not wearing concealer! #FYouEyebags) But now that I do put a number of products on my face, it's incredibly essential to make sure that the slate is wiped clean every night. I use Bifesta Micellar Cleansing Water (not in photo), which is gentle on the skin and feels like water. It works wonders because it can easily remove even the most waterproof of all my eyeliners and mascaras, and the mattest-of-matte among all my lipsticks. One pump of product is enough, so a bottle lasts long - although I often use two pumps just to make sure that nothing gets left behind.


As for my make-up, it really is nothing impressive :)) I can't contour (yet - LOL, sadly. Not for lack of trying!) and I don't use blush, but I experiment with a number of eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, and lipsticks.  In the last year or so, I've managed to put together a solid "team" of go-to products for day-to-day use. Some products I've had to let go because I was left unsatisfied, and others, I still use as an alternative to these.

These are the products I brought with me to SG & KL, and with the exception of a few, this kit basically makes up my default everyday look. 

BASE. I never thought I'd ever get to use the term "Holy Grail" for anything other than the cupeth from which the Lord sipeth but look how the tides turn! I've found it in Biore UV Aqua Rich BB 3D Effect with SPF 50++  which I use as my primer, BB cream, sunblock, and base. For the longest time, I've been trying to find a sunblock that is both high in SPF and lightweight, which seemed mutually exclusive - until I found this at Watson's. It doesn't feel sticky and does not leave me oily at all; it also doesn't leave a white cast on my skin as it appears very natural after just a few minutes of applying. It also helps my make-up last longer and the color of my eyeshadows pop. Not to mention, it's quite affordable too. Does what I need it to do, and more? Check. Doesn't break the bank? Check. HO. LY. GRAIL. And holy guacamole! :)

CONCEALER. I brought with me the Innisfree Mineral Stick Concealer in Light Beige, which is part of Papa's Korea loot. It used to cake on me even after putting foundation / pressed powder on top of it but I discovered the key to making it work: not using moisturizer. I just apply the sunblock right after washing my face, without using toner and cream after. The "dry" effect keeps this concealer in place - and it lasts all day! Even under the sweltering heat or humidity. But for other times, when I feel like wearing moisturizer before heading out, I use a different concealer: Wet 'N Wild concealer wand in 12A. It lasts a whole day at work or in school too, and before I figured out the Innisfree concealer, this pretty much did the job for me.

FOUNDATION. Pwede bang dalawa yung Holy Grail?!? I don't know how I ever lived without this product! I thought foundations are just something I didn't "get" and couldn't figure out, because they always left me looking oily. Sabi nila, "dewy" naman daw yung uso but nope, it really just looks greasy on me! :)) I never liked using foundations before - yun pala, I've just been using the wrong ones. (Looking at you, liquid and cream foundations.) So thank heavens for the Mary Kay Sheer Mineral Powder, which is not only perfect for the matte look that I very much prefer, it also helped even out my skin tone. I generally have good skin (I never had acne) but sometimes when I try out a new foundation, I'd be left with a slight breakout. I did not have a problem with this one at all. And the best thing about it? It survives a whole day of anything - from Manila commute, Kuala Lumpur cave trek, to an entire night of dancing! I swear, I never look hulas when I have this on my face! If you want to be forever #Fresh, this is the foundation for you. :))

EYEBROWS. Drugstore brands are da bomb. For my eyebrows, I use Nichido Tinted Brow Gel in Brunette. I have naturally full, bushy brows, so I super embrace the thick-eyebrow trend. But I also can't stand having mine look unnaturally dark. I don't like them bordering on black and looking super square, fake, and Frida Kahlo-ish. So I use a slightly lighter color for mine, and the brunette shade of Nichido is just the right amount I need to keep the look a bit polished but still natural. On some days, when I don't want to look too made up, I use The FaceShop Design My Eyebrow in 02 (Dark Brown). Corollary: I get my eyebrows threaded at LayBare every three weeks or so. 

EYELINER. Eyeliner is the first make-up product that I started using for my day-to-day life. I've been lining my waterline ever since high school, and I haven't looked back since. I cannot leave home without eyeliner, ever. I can walk out the door with no lipstick, no eyebrow mascara, no foundation, kahit pa moisturizer! But you can't make me step out without eyeliner under my eyes :)) Because of this, I have a ton of them at my disposal. Anything that works well and lasts all day is fine by me, and I actually have no preferred product. As long as it comes in black or dark brown, and it covers my waterline well, I'm good. For this trip, I used MiniSo Silverproof Permanent Waterproof Eyeliner in Black

EYESHADOW. This is my newest "addiction." It was only recently that I started learning how to put on eye make-up. Thanks to dozens of YouTube videos and my favorite make-up vloggers (Chloe Morello, Lisa Edridge, and Sarah Butler, just to name a few), I've finally unlocked this achievement. I prefer using palettes for their versatility, although I've only experimented thus far on neutral ones. Right now, I have several palettes at my disposal: L'Oreal Color Riche La Palette in Nude Rose (which consists of mostly pinks and browns), and Maybelline The Nudes Palette (browns and grays). And right before our flight back home to Manila, I was able to buy (on sale!) the Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette, which is the rosier version (kinda like the Naked 3 to The Nudes' Naked 1). I've loved playing with all my palettes so far, but I've yet to mix them with each other! Maybe I should, the next time I go out. 

LIPSTICK. The one on the photo is Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte in Touch of Spice, which is just about the perfect shade of nude, brown, and burgundy. I love that it stays on for hours on end, even after heavy meals and drinks. It's the best matte I have right now. But I also bought with me other lipsticks for the trip not pictured above: MAC Brick-O-La and MAC Craving, both of which were my first tubes of MAC :)


WHEW! Well that was quite an entry! Quite a lengthy post for someone who claims she doesn't know a lot about cosmetics, eh :)) Dear Anon, just like you I still feel overwhelmed with all the products I come across on the Internet and on beauty counters. But I just keep trying, reading, watching vids, and finding out what I think works for me. Learning never stops, apparently, even for make-up! :))

Okay, I should wrap this up. That's too much beauty talk for the day. Will I be writing regular make-up reviews soon? Is this going to be a beauty blog now? Safe to say, no, at this point! So you can all heave a sigh of relief because this blog is going to remain pretty much the same! Hahaha! 

But now that this is out there, I can't say I won't be doing this ever again though. Let's seeeee! Masaya pala kasi mag-dalaga ;) 



The Adventures of Supreme Court Girl

A few months ago, I was accepted as one of the interns for the Judicial Administration and Reform Internship Program under the Office of the Chief Justice in the Supreme Court. There are seven of us in the program, with six of us coming from UP and one from San Beda. We work directly under the Chief Justice, and are tasked primarily with judicial & legal reform through policy-making and general management on court administration.

We started just last Monday, but already we feel like we've been working here for a month, considering the amount of tasks we've accomplished and the deliverables we have to submit. We have so much on our plate! But that's not necessarily a bad thing: it just means that there is work being done. There are a lot of programs, policies, and other plans currently in motion - meaning there are definitely improvements being made in the Supreme Court, and effectively, in the Judiciary.

For instance, just last Thursday, June 9, we went to the Justice Sector Coordinating Council's Principals' Meeting, held at the Manila Pavilion Hotel. It was attended by various government agencies in the justice sector, headed by the three principals, the Supreme Court, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). All the offices under these three principals were present and represented too, including delegates from the Judiciary (such as judges from trial courts), the police force (PNP), the BJMP and BuCor, and the prosecutors. The JSCC was organized to serve as a joint forum for dialogue on issues and initiatives among justice sector institutions.

The OCJ JARIP Interns (minus Ger) with Atty. Jo Ann at the JSCC Meeting

Our primary task for that day was to work as the secretariat, preparing the presentations and the resolutions that will be reported by key figures before the JSCC principals and members. We had to keep track of a lot of events, update ourselves with the status of ongoing projects, and familiarize ourselves with different people, to keep the program afloat. You could say we were like baby animals thrown into the wild and had to fend for ourselves right away. But it was a great experience. For one, the entire thing made the Supreme Court and the Judiciary three-dimensional for me. Whereas in school, it was merely a body that writes decisions and decides on jurisprudence, now, it has become this living, breathing organism that functions thanks to the continuous work of many smaller parts. The SC is not just a branch of government - it is an office. It has responsibilities, both administrative and judicial in nature. It is the foundation on which the framework of the entire justice system works.

Taking a break from doing secretariat work (We wolfed down our lunch!)

Our calendars are packed until the end of July. Some of us are going to Baguio for a small claims seminar; others have already attended ASEAN and DFA meetings or jail decongestion projects. I myself am tasked to go to Palawan this week in preparation for an ASEAN Chief Justice meeting. We are also set to attend an MBA lecture, and to organize a compendium of justice zones. It's a lot to have on one's plate, but it's exciting. Much of our job is not just doing research on jurisprudence but also conducting studies and collating data on the field. What I like so far about the program is that we are thrust right into the middle of all the action. There is no room for spoon-feeding, no time for baby steps. We have to learn the ropes right away, because these projects and reforms are not going to slow down for us. There are so many things happening; it can be pretty overwhelming, considering we've only been working officially for six days (as of this writing). But it's also satisfying when you finally realize how much you can contribute to the improvement of the sector.

Last Friday's lunch with other UP interns in the SC

I think my biggest takeaway from all this, so far, is that I'm happy to have found something I would love to do as a lawyer one day. I've always had this nagging feeling inside me that I cannot envision a lifetime of litigation - I don't see myself being satisfied by going down the traditional path of lawyering. That may be the case for almost all of my peers, but I think it is not for me. I also cannot see myself ever running for public office and becoming a politician, which is also something some of my batchmates are sure to pursue. For the most part of law school, my difficulties have stemmed from the fact that I am a very non-adversarial person. I don't like disputes; I want solutions rather than conflict. I'm a team player; I don't like arguing and winning for the sake of arguing and winning. Which isn't exactly the most ideal of traits when one wants to pursue litigation (or public office). I've had these feelings affirmed after our internship in OLA as well. Much as I enjoyed helping out our clients, I felt like it was too limiting and too constrained for me. It was also too stifling, having the lives of a particular few in my hands. The intention to help was there, but my heart was not in it.

Hence, my inclination to now work for the government. Last semester, my internship at the OGCC proved to be a good experience. And now this. I realized I can function more knowing that I am getting something done to help fix the system. There are always things being done, and problems slowly being solved. I want to be part of that solution.

Don't get me wrong, I am not closing my doors on any opportunities that may come my way in the days and months and years to come. Lawyering, after all, is a profession that seeps in almost all industries and all sectors. Who knows, I may still change my mind before or after graduation (or the Bar). But as it is, I am liking what I see, and I am enjoying this kind of work. There is so much to do, but also so much to learn, and so much to contribute.

Para sa bayan. :))

Happy 115th Anniversary, Supreme Court!
OCJ Interns at the Anniversary Festivities last June 10


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Atty. Jennifer Walters, She-Hulk

Taking a break from reviewing for SPIT (Special Problems in Taxation); currently reading an issue of She-Hulk from the 2014-2015 run.

Because I need to remind myself that I want to be a lawyer.

Jennifer Walters is most definitely my favorite Marvel comic character, in large part because of her profession, but also because I feel like I identify most with her personality. She just does her job, and she does it well. She's a bit kooky, and different, but she gets things done. That's the kinda girl I wanna be.

The Civil War issue, while different in the comics from the movies, is ripe with legal implications and consequences. She was an active #TeamIronMan member in the comics; in fact there was a significant part where she and Tony were discussing the ramifications of the divide. For that reason alone, I kinda wished She-Hulk was in the movies, just so I can see how her knowledge of the law will apply (and if it will be the same as my arguments haha). But I'm really interested in the cases she handles in the Marvel comics, just because it has the right amount of realism, despite the presence of superheroes and super villains. The dialogue is not so alienating for people who do not study the law, but for those who do, the small easter eggs are priceless.

Man, if only may superhero law lang na field talaga! I would definitely sign up as an apprentice for She-Hulk's firm!

(Okay, back to studying.)


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