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ack.. too tired

We went to Makati and ate with my lolo and lola after class. Actually it was just me and mom who ate at Chef d'Angelo because my grandparents already had their lunch. The meal was heavy! My mom and I shared one serving of carbonara and I was so FULL! That's something I consider a fact in Italian food or pasta. It's soo heavy. I don't know about you guys, but I always feel bulky afterwards.

Anyway, I already bought my school shoes [at where else? edi, Landmark :p]! Wheeeeeeee! Gibi with a little heart on the strap. :) Hehe. I know it might look "childish" but actually, it's kinda cute. I've been eyeing on this since last school year pa but I think wala akong size before. It's so comfortable. I'm so excited! Only few more days to go.. and I'm finally be wearing my new socks, new bag, new shoes.. using my new notebooks, new books, new ballpens.. gee, I can't wait! :p

Gotta go, mag-sasaing pa ko eh. :)
PS -- thanks to PinoyBlogger and to all the visitors! :p