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AI: feud or not?

after the heartbreaking elimination of Anwar and Constantine, I lost faith in American Idol. totoo. siguro tanggap ko pa yung pagka-tanggal ni Jasmine Trias because I admit, she was a little off-key during the past few episodes but at least she got into the top 3. But what happened to Anwar and Constantine?! They were so good! And I actually thought they would be the top 2 [or top 3 including Carrie :p] Somehow, a part of me doesn't believe na hindi sila binoto ng tao. I mean, come on you guys! Is America THAT blind [or in this case, deaf]?? I don't think so. Some say their lines [specifically Constantine's] were jammed, other say they were groups who were trying to fool around and vote off the loser [which was Scott].. the stories are endless. Whether it's true or not, they are both out. Shiyetness, mehn.

okay so, I was forced to watch AI a while ago and it was down to Anthony and Scott, my not-so-favorites. I used to like Scott, in the beginning, but naging mayabang na siya and he became such a sore loser sa mga comments ni Simon, that's why I hate him. Si Anthony naman, he's cute but I don't think he's got THE voice. So yun. It was Anthony's birthday today, so I already had the feeling na it would hurt so bad if he was eliminated. Of course, kung sino man matanggal sa kanila, it's okay kasi hindi ko naman sila parehong gusto. But anyway, I still watched. And I was correct.. finally.. SCOTT SAVOL WAS ELIMINATED!!! Oh I've been waiting soooo long for this!!!

Go Carrie! Go Carrie! She's the only good one in the game. I don't like Bo: trying hard and wannabe rocker. Constantine is waaay better and waaay cuter than you are! I like Vonzell too, because she reminds me of Kelly Rowland, pero parang hindi siya masyadong favorite eh. So there. May isa pang news na Paula Abdul had a relationship with one AI contestant way back in Season 3. She would help him pick songs, choose outfits and they had a very intimate relationship daw. Hmmm.. amusing. well if that's the case, american idol really is just a ho-bag. It's losing all its credibility. And come to think of it, the past winners aren't really that popular right? [okay well you could exclude kelly since she's got a nice career going on] Si Fantasia nga, ngayon lang nagka-video.. at pangit pa niya dun. Hmph. Oh well. Buti na lang gwapo si Papa Ryan Seacrest. Siya ang American idol ko. :p

Okay enough about this AI thing. I had my piano lesson today. yaaay very good daw ako! *grins* Magrerecital ata ako eh. Di ko pa sure. Anyway, bisitahin niyo ang blog ng nanay ko.. yes mommy ko, as in yung nagsilang sa akin.. meron din siya [gayagaya kasi! joke! :p] ayun, sige dito na lang muna..


"lie down right next to me.."