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buh-bice.. we're going under(wood)! :p

Oh yeah! Carrie Underwood is the new American Idol! Although Constantine's elimination really, really broke my heart, at least somebody else who I think deserves the spot won. Finally! And yes, Simon was right, she really has proved herself worthy of the title. I'm so happy for her! I just wish she'll be very successful unlike the past winners [except for Kelly] because I know she's really a twist to the music scene. I mean, it's not everyday that we hear country music that to some may sound boring but becomes really exciting everytime we hear Carrie's voice. Congratulations Carrie! And to Bo too! You two have proven yourselves worthy to be America's idols. But Constantine really rocked a while ago! He captured my heart again.. especially in the "Simon scandal" [spoiler! :p]. He makes me love him more and more and more and more.. haaay. My other idol is none other than the man of the show Ryan Seacrest! Ayeeyeeyee! Man, he is soo HOT. Two hot guys in one cool show.. what more could you ask for? I'll surely miss Papa Constantine and Papa Ryan! Waaahh. :( Well actually I'm gonna miss all of them.. haaayy. This is definitely the best season of AI. Oh wait, it's not actually through yet. There's still America's Worst Auditions [I think. That's what I heard on the radio] tomorrow. I still have to watch out for that. :) People who haven't seen the Finale yet, you know who the winner is. Hehe. :p Anyway, it's not too late, you can still catch it on Star World (8:00pm) and on ABC5 (10:00).

I am so nervous. Tomorrow is our rehearsal for the recital and I'm getting shivers! It's not my first time, it's actually my third but it never fails to get me. What if I mess up? Nyay. I just wish everything goes well tomorrow. And on Saturday of course. By the way, thanks to all who are tagging, special mention to Ate Michi [Paulie power! :p]. I'll try putting up a comment box but for the meantime, thanks for taking the time to sign my tag-board. =] And also, thanks to the 3 people who voted for me at PinoyBlogger. Whoever you guys are, it really means a lot to me. Thank you. :p

What is it with the Fairly Odd Parents that makes me really hooked up with it?! These past few days I've been yearning for Wanda, Cosmo and Timmy more and more! Maybe it's because I really want to have my own set of fairy godparents [feeling Cinderella! :p].. hehe. But I honestly think it's because I think a lot like Timmy. I wish to have lots of things, get what I want, do what I want to do. I want to have everything, and unlike Timmy, I don't get it. But seeing Timmy suffer his own consequences makes me think about what my wishes are. Sometimes they seem so selfish, things that would benefit only me. Cartoons these days make me think a lot [which is why I prefer watching it than lame local shows] and good for me. At least I could get away from casualties when I see what would happen if I wished for that! I love Fairly Odd Parents! =]

rock on. \m/