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checkered skirts 25 years from now.

Last night we watched "Once On This Island" at the RCBC Theater in Makati. It was sponsored by St. Paul College Manila Batch '81 who are Jubilarians this year (my Tita Karen was one of them). Mom, Tita Guada and I came along. Paulinians unite! Hehe. Bituin Escalante, Jeffrey Hidalgo, Menchu Lauchengco and Michael De Mesa were some of the main characters. The play was really nice. It proved that love could conquer the powers of rain, sickness, the earth and even death. In the end, Ti Moune the peasant and Daniel Bizou the Rich Frenchman didn't end up together because they belonged in different worlds, but their love grew and became a tree. It was so heartwarming. I rate it 8/10. :)

I always look forward to class reunions especially those of my mom and titas because they were all Paulinians like me. [but they are from St. Paul Manila]. I enjoy listening to their anecdotes about their terror teachers [who sound like predecessors of my current teachers! ;p] or their gimmicks with their friends just outside the school. And I always get surprised when they tell me that there were lots of celebrities who were Paulinians as well, even Sharon Cuneta! They told me that when they were in college, Sharon was a high school sophomore and she was always tied to the flagpole so that she would sing "Mr. DJ"! Haha, how funny. I guess that's why she transferred after a few years. :) But that doesn't mean Paulinians are mean already. I read somewhere that Paulinian graduates are known for their kindness and warmth. :) Wheeee.. proud Paulie!

I wonder.. when we reach out 25th year as high school graduates, would we look the same? Just a thought. I mean, everytime my mom sees one of her "sistahs" in high school, she always recognizes them, parang kahapon lang sila huling nagkita. But when I look at their yearbook.. siya ba yun?! Haha.. I hope I don't age much 25 years from now. :) Thinking about these things makes me excited about going back to school again. I guess I've caught the "I-miss-school" syndrome once more! My uniform is waiting for me to spill juice or spaghetti sauce on it, to accidentally write ink lines on it, to pull when we're playing rowdy games.. and to just wear proudly. 25 years from now, I wouldn't be wearing the same old uniform as an everyday outfit but I know my heart will forever do. :)

That checkered skirt has got me. :p

Okay, change topic. My papa went home from Singapore already! Yaay! :) And we'll be watching Star Wars today [oh yeah!]. But he'll be leaving again on wednesday -- this time for Vietnam for my tito's wedding. Aww. I'm gonna miss him again. And he won't be home for my recital. But that's okay, my mom's got my back anyway. But for the next few days I'll be home alone since our maid went back to her province for her vacation.. and since mom and dad are away [mom's in the office], I'm the Queen of the House! Oh yeah! I get to cook, clean and take care of the house by myself.. woohoo! :) I love being left in the house, not because I'll be having phone marathons or just laze around, but because it makes me feel responsible and grown-up. I cook my own meals, wash the dishes, clean the house.. I'm the house lady. :) Pesky cockroaches will be deadmeat. *bwahaha* :)

got this survey from Ate Gliza in Friendster:
:: Do you have a barkada?
YES! the Familia To aka Tropang Balajuyjuy!
[pa-plug ha.. www.geocities.com/familia_to -- website namin! :p]
:: How many are you in your barkada?
7 by default :)
:: All boys or all girls?
all sexy naughty and sometimes bitchy girls! :)

Who in your barkada has the nicest:

:: Hair?
nica.. hmph!
:: Forehead?
Mikka? Haha. ;)
:: Eyebrows?
:: Eyes?
Me! :)
:: Nose?
haha eto.. nica! whee. :)
:: Lips?
lahat kami kissable eh.. *nyaha*
:: Teeth?
Mikka and nica. amp!
:: Skin?
Alex.. and me? =]
:: Body(sexiest)?
Anile and mikka!
:: Legs?
Me! Heehee..
:: Feet?
Missy? ewan.
:: Hands?
Me.. haha kapal :p

Who in your barkada is the most?

:: Daring(wers the sexiest clothes)?
anile and me.. heehee
:: Demure?
:: Laitera?
Missy and hope! (sama niyo na rin ako minsan :p)
:: Helpful?
:: Smartest?
We're all smart :)
:: Loving?
Nica.. :p
:: Vain?
Me and anile since we have camphones.
:: Spoiled?
all of us! we spoil each other :)
:: Darkest?
Introducing the black side: nica, mikka and missy! *peace*
:: Whitest?
me and anile..
:: Shopaholic?
:: Fashionable?
:: Loudest?
anile and nica!
:: Quiet?
:: To do his/her hw?
we share sometimes! :) pero kapag individual homework na, we are all responsible of our own.. *wushoo* ;)
:: Inlove w/ music?
all of us.. we are all obssessed with it :p
:: Inlove w/ phone?
eenie, mini, miny, ME. :)
:: Caring?
hope and nica.. ;)
:: Secret keeper?
hmm.. para sakin? mikka and nica
:: Secret keeper-NOT!?
hay nako.. lahat kme may pagka-chuchu :)
:: Dramatic?
missy! hope!
:: Calm?
:: Carefree?
:: Computer adict?
that would have to be ME.

Who in you barkada has this talent the best?

:: Dancing?
definitely Missy.
:: Singing?
ako! kung gusto niyo umulan!!! *bwahaha*
:: Writing poems?
hindi kami mga po-wet. :)
:: Speeches?
hope.. as in yung mga dramatic speeches panalo yun! :)
:: Drawing/ painting?
with all due respect.. NICA =]
:: Writing?
me? pati hand-writing ha.. heehee
:: Eating w/o getting fat(considered a talent)?
ME and MIKKA and ANILE. :)

Who in your barkada is most likely to become a:
:: Doctor
nica.. she comes from a family of people in the medicine field eh.. *nux*
:: Lawyer?
me! and missy?
:: Actress?
ako rin.. hehe
:: Singer?
dramatic singing.. nica! haha ;)
:: CEO?
probably missy
:: Fashion designer?
:: Interior designer?
mikka.. nag-design ng house nmen yan!
:: Event planner?
:: Newscaster?
hope? bringer of the news.. sama mo na rin ako =]
:: Athlete?
definitely nica.

:: What word would best describe your barkada?
balajuyjuys! one big happy (?) family! =]
:: Do you love your barkada?
Yes.. super, super, super!
:: How long do you think your barkada will last?
our family (kuno!) will just break up when hell freezes up. o ha.. ayos yun! :) so we'll probably be friends 4ever.. *wish, wish!* [/SURVEY]

25 years from now, would the answers still be the same? [geez.. I have got to stop with this whole 25-years thing! :p]