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it's raining, mehn! alleluia!

Thank God for the rain. Somehow, it cools me down a bit -- literally and well, mentally. Well it's raining hard but it's still hot. Argh. Oh well, later on it will get a little chilly.

Almost a year ago, I just started my blog under the username Karlatotz and as I look back, I smile when I reread my posts. I mean, I sound a little childish and grade-schoolish, really. But now, I can say that my English has improved a lot [my mom said it and I noticed it too]. *thunder* Whoa, I am saying the truth here! :p I remember my posts about Hiram, the start of the "I-miss-school" Syndrome [happens every weekend] and all the other syndromes, how much I love rainy days.. and although my grammar and vocabulary have probably grew better and wider in the past months, I can say that I am still that girl who blogged way back in July. You see, I still blog about how much I get sick of having to stay at home and not see my friends, I still talk about how much I enjoy sitting by the computer as it rains, or how fun it was to do all sorts of stuff with my friends. And this has got me thinking -- again [I seem to never grow tired of thinking and realizing stuff on the spot. Tsk, tsk] Maybe my English is really better than last year's and maybe expressing things are quite a bit different now, but it's the same heart that pours it all out. It's the same way of thinking, only executed in a more lady-like manner. You probably will notice the difference, as I think I have been using more words and well-thought sentences for the past months but if you look closely, it's like all these just sugarcoated the real idea -- which are very simple everyday things. And I find it very amusing. To think na, I laze around in English class.. and now I realize that I've been improving pala all along! Or maybe it wasn't necessarily in English class. Maybe nahawa ako sa ibang bloggers. Whatever it is, I certainly find it really, really amusing. See how I turned this simple topic into a long paragraph? It's like magic!!! Haha. Ang otistik.

I'm eating coffee crumble ice cream. I love coffee. I remember this one article from PL way back in Grade 5, written by Ate Ces. It's entitled "Bittersweet" and it talks about that perfect blend, both pain and bliss, both heaven and hell. Then she talks about how she reminisces by making a cup of coffee.. she puts the coffee first to remember the bitter and painful memories. Then she adds sugar and milk to relive the happy and sweet times. Either way, she adds the necessary condiment to perfect that bittersweet taste. But she says, she can't always have her cup of coffee, for there must come a time that she has to let go of the memories. So far, that has been one of my favorite PL articles. [FYI, PL stands for Paulinian Link, our school publication] I'm quite surprised that the issue which contains 'Bitterswet' is still in my room [most of my issues get lost. :( I don't know why] and I catch a glimpse of it every once in a while. Maybe it's one of the things that makes me love coffee more. No other flavor can give you the best of both ends.. a bitter yet sweet taste. Sigh. Walking down to memory lane again was good.

It stopped raining. The thunder is still growling however. Why, oh why does it have to stop?! I wish it would rain even for a couple of hours everyday. It settles down things a bit. Haay. *drip, drop, drip, drop* The raindrops are still dripping from our roof.