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love letters, flip flops, notebooks and needles.

My lolo and lola fetched me and my mom to have lunch together. We were supposed to eat at ATC but since we're going to pass by BF on the way there, we just decided to eat in Little Quiapo, restaurant with authentic Pinoy food. It was good. My lola was telling me that sa isang branch ng Little Quiapo daw sila nag-dadate nung lolo ko. Waaaaaahh.. sweet. Then she was also telling me na she found all my dad's love letters to my mom when they were still dating. Haha. So sweet. I want to read them and find out how corny or jologs my dad was! Kinukwento pa nga sa kin na my dad used to bring cakes in their house in Novaliches everytime he paid a visit to my mom.. tapos he would prefer to sit on the outer living room [dalawa kasi yung living room namin dun.] and just stay there.. pa-humble? Hehe. Things like that makes me squiggly. =] After that we stopped by Step-Rite, a popular shoe-chain just beside Little Quiapo. And I was able to buy this funky pair of flip-flops! I so love it. :p My mom, lola and me were all able to satisfy our feet's urge to a new home. Then we went to Sta. Rita [is it correct? the Chapel beside ATC?] to fetch my tita who was staying at her co-teacher's brother's wake. [gets?] The atmosphere was gloomy but nonetheless, meeting up with old friends and teachers were enough to make the ambience a little more comfortable. My grandparents talked to Mrs. Alcantara, my mom and aunties' English teacher and grade school, and currently the principal of the school my tita teaches in. She told me that my mom used to be very timid and shy. Haha. I cannot imagine her like that! And she was soooo thin daw. She was like a result of famine. :p [Love you, Mom!] After a few chit-chats, we finally proceeded to National Bookstore in ATC and bought my long-awaited school supplies.

Smelling the scent of crispy notebook leaves and hearing the click-clacking of ballpen covers snapping back to their place makes me feel -- jumpy. I could feel my intestines galloping inside me. At first, seeing Cattleya notebooks was like something I missed doing. But as I was stacking up papers and other supplies in our basket, it hit me. In my mind, I could hear these notebooks talking to me, "Hey girl, you're gonna be using me for the next ten months! You might love holding me now but I know you're going to be throwing me around when I become your biology notebook!" Aaaaahh. The notebook WAS right. I'm excited now but sooner or later I might curse these poor little springed ones. So what was the little voice telling me? That I should slow down? That I should not get TOO excited as I may just disappoint myself? It really got me thinking. And it also made me realize that summer is about to end -- for real. Goodbye, long hours in front of the PC! So long, sleep-eat-sleep-eat routine! Hello, crisply ironed blouse and skirt! Welcome back, late night TV marathons researches for homework! I AM really going back to school, whether I like it or not. So I decided to really make the most out of the remaining weeks left. I'd continue my Power Memory, I'd practice for my recital really well, I'd try to bring back my body in the best shape possible [hehe!] and enjoy my computer more! I am going to miss summer. *sniff*

So far, this is one of the most jam-packed summers I ever had. The school even invited me to join the Debate Congress but as much as I want to join, I cannot due to conflicts in my schedule. [nux, feeling artista! :p] But I really am enjoying it, even to the last minute. We might even go to Boracay *wish, wish!* I feel regretful sometimes, because I wish that I did exciting things like these in my past summers rather than just doze off all day. Maybe that would make me more productive for the school year. But nevertheless, I'm also glad that I didn't really enjoy my past summers because if I did, I wouldn't be able to enjoy this year's summer that much. :p

I was finally able to think of a SOMETHING. No, not new accessories [although I have new things :p] It was the experience and the excitement this summer has brought. I mean sure, I might still look the same [except for longer hair, chubbier cheeks and probably no braces :p] and I would still be perky and loud as always.. but somehow I know that I would probably be a different person. Watch out for the summer-improved Karla!!! haha.

I feel weak. I missed a tiny detail in my day. Before going home, we dropped by my pediatrician's clinic and had my flu vaccine. There was this kid before me who was crying and crying because she too was going to have a vaccine. Then her mommy said, "Tingnan mo si Ate oh, iinjection-an din siya pero di siya natatakot" and then she asked me, "Iinjection-an ka din Ate?" to which I replied "Oo. Dito oh, *pointing to my bicep*" She calmed down a little but when she saw the needle, she freaked out again. Siguro mga 10 minutes siya nag-ngangawa dun and I understood her. I remember feeling that way too. After she left, the doctor gave her a lollipop and said goodbye. Now it was my turn to sit on the bench. I'm not that scared anymore but I'm still not brave enough so I hugged the pillow and hugged my mom. My shot laster for only seconds but I knew that I probably would've cried like the little girl if my Mom wasn't there. Only one of the few things that makes my Mom truly special. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOMMY! I love you! :p

AAAAAAHH. Parang pahaba na ng pahaba ang mga post ko ha. At least my writing is getting better.. [said my mom]

tata for now. :p
"there's a blue sky waiting tomorrow, waiting tomorrow, shining and shimmering.."
-- Blue Sky by Hale.