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mga chekwa at intsik beho.

Haha, I really have nothing to do. Parang kanina lang nag-blog ako eh..

My yaya and I are watching Meteor Garden and Full House reruns, and I remember the "F4 Craze". I admit, I was jologs then, naging biktima rin ako niyan. I simply go kilig every time San Cai cries and Dao Ming Si comes to comfort her. I jump from my seat every time Wa Zhe Lei [is my spelling correct?] tells his deep thoughts to San Cai. I remember, and I feel in love. Weird, noh? But I do. It feels real. Not like the Filipino telenovelas.. ugh. It sounds so impossible. But everytime Asi utters something sweet to San Cai, my heart flips. Simple lang but very heartwarming. I missed Meteor Garden [MG1 ha, not MG2, I didn't watch it].

There's also Endless Love. This one was sooo sad, and heartbreaking. Although it's quite impossible, it still makes my heart melt. It was also one of the "nakaka-iyak" shows I've ever watched. Really. [P.S. Jenny was sooo beautiful.]

Then came Lovers in Paris. I wasn't able to catch it agad, my mom did. She would watch it every night, on ABS-CBN and on the DVDs my dad bought for her. It was practically Lovers In Paris everywhere in the house, radio [there's the soundtrack], dvd player [the dvds] and on TV. Kulang na lang mag-lagay pa ng posters eh. I admit, I really do find Vivian very funny and Carlo really sweet. I love the girl-kulit-boy-sungit feel of the show. Good thing Going Bulilit has their own Lovers in Pares to make me remember the show.. =]

And last but not the least, my favorite koreanovela of all time.. Full House! Jessie and Justin really got me! It breaks my heart everytime I miss the show. I love Jessie's Carrie Bradshaw vibe and style.. and sometimes I really just want to hit Justin on the head because of his pride! Love ko talaga sila! And one thing I really like about Full House?

"Si Papa Bear ay malakas,
si Mama Bear ay maganda,
si Baby Bear ay napaka-liksi,
tingnan niyo, tingnan niyo,
and saya nila!"

What a way to please your in-laws. :) The ending of Full House was really something I was sad about. Buti na lang may rewind..

So that's it for my little Koreanovela and Taiwanovela (?) thoughts.. I may sound jologs, but hey, I'm only human, I fall for those cheesy lines too!