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moon river.. wider than a mile..

I just watched "Breakfast At Tiffany's" and call me a hopeless romantic, but it automatically became one of my favorite movies. I may have watched it only now, but believe me it touched my heart right away. Audrey Hepburn was stunningly beautiful (like Natalie only they're pretty in a different way) and her character was such a delight! Holly's dream is like any other woman's dream, to marry right away and be rich. I admit, I once dreamed of marrying someone not necessarily rich but you know, well-off so that I could spend the rest of my life glamorously and extravagantly. And although I've grown out of that dream, there's still a part of me that wishes that little thing. Anyway, seeing the movie made me want to go to New York! Oh the marvelous buildings and the beautiful buzz of the city.. *sigh* I enjoy watching old movies, you know, the classics. I really do. It's just so lovely, and so wonderful. It's like looking back through time and seeing the world in a simpler and more peaceful way. Isn't it true? When I see this black-and-white or colored-but-not-too-colorful type of films, I say to myself, life was beautiful back then. It was like it's full of love and happiness, sorrow will only come a little while, but in the end everybody gets their happy endings -- happily.

If given the choice to go back to a specific era, I would like to go back to the 50's, then to the 70's. I don't know, basta gustong-gusto ko bumalik sa 50's. It's like everybody is so beautiful and elegant. And didn't you notice that lots of women back then were extremely pretty? It's like all the women in the generations of the 50's are beautiful, and they have this classic-superstar look, with matching tilted head and black-and-white portrait. It's like living in a movie or something. I feel like it's a magical era. I don't know why. :) The 70's naman, well aside from the fact that it's the "party era", the music was soo groov-ay! Carpenters, Beegees, Tavares.. and let's not forget the movie scene: Saturday Night Fever and Star Wars. The fashion was also cool and hip -- bell bottoms, miniskirts and all. I think most of the fashion styles from the 70's have been making their comebacks, don't you think?

Suddenly I remembered that "Moon River" was from breakfast at Tiffany's.. ahh, I've been trying to play that from my grandma's Hollywood SongBook. It's kinda hard, but practice makes perfect. I really wish I could play it.. :) Anyway, tomorrow is my last PM class. I'm gonna miss Coach Reina and Paolo & Alec. I hope we exchange numbers. :p By the way, my bet (Canada) won in Miss Universe. Yaay! It's my second time in a row to guess who the winner will be. Haha, I'm getting psychic. :) Congrats to Miss Philippines because she won the Miss Photogenic title. Pinay beauty.. alrightie! :p

"Moon River, wider than a mile,
I'm crossing you in style some day.
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
wherever you're going I'm going your way..
Two drifters off to see the world.
There's such a lot of world to see.
We're after the same rainbow's end--
waiting 'round the bend,
my huckleberry friend,
Moon River and me.."