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oh, drat.

So it finally rained, and guess what? I think it has brought more heat than coolness. I guess it really didn't cool everything permanently. It made matters worse. But I still love the rain. Anyway, I was watching the news the other night and the PAGASA people said that since it has been very, very, very hot lately, the rain will release "singaw" [heat], which will only make the temperature hotter. It may feel a little chilly during the rain but the after-effect will be hotter than the temperature before the rain because of the said releasing of excess heat trapped in the ground, plants, etc. Well talk about bad. Another bad news is that it's NOT HEALTHY to soak under the rain anymore. I mean, I know it's always been impractical as it could lead to colds but isn't it that older people used to say that taking a bath in the first strong rain in May will make you "free from colds throughout the year" [which was true according to my grandma and my mom]? I wasn't even able to experience that yet, and now they're saying it's unhealthy? How am I supposed to enjoy the rain even more? Researchers say that the rain, before actually reaching the ground, has probably collected all the dirt in the air caused by pollution. So when you actually want to "clean" yourself from the so-called cold-free rain, it will only make you more sick because of all the dirt it contains. Ugh. It's as if the world is so dangerous nowadays. How are the kids of the future supposed to enjoy life when both heat AND rain seem to have bad effects? AAAAARGH.. I'm scorching.

I got this one from Ate Gliza's blog, posted May 10:
"tomorrow may 11, 42.2 and predicted temperature. drink lots of water and wear light clothing. heat stroke is a big possibility. from DR. ALEX AYCO - makati med"
Today is may 11. Can you believe it? It's hotter than a human's normal temperature! What is wrong with the world? [naaahh.. drama queen] It is so damn hot outside.

Yes, it is hot and I manage to keep my long locks. I myself couldn't believe that an impatient and lazy girl like me can somehow resist the urge to cut my tresses in exchange for comfort and coolness when I have practically lived 3/4 of my life with short and easy to manage hair. And it's just not that, I have thick hair [sadly, some people call it horse hair but I tell you, it is waaaay far than that! It's not that bad] which is obviously harder to fix and results to more bad hair days than good ones. But no, despite all the cons my hair might cause, I still keep my almost-waist length layered hair. They say that the hair is a person's crowning glory and I believe in that. I used to envy people with really beautiful, silky hair. So after a straightening session, my hair suddenly became longer and my Grade 6 life could never be better. But it was plain, long, straight hair and it actually looked boring. I have never really tried experimenting with my hairstyle because, well, I was too afraid to look like the "befores" in window shopping commercials. Even though it looked boring, I wanted to be safe, so I settled to the plain look. But just this school year, I don't know what forced me to do it, but with all my courage, I went to the salon and asked them to chop my hair and turn it into a layered one. At first, I couldn't believe it. I looked horrific. I couldn't leave without my headband on. My classmates teased that I looked like a "Duglet" [mini Dugongs]. It made me feel pretty bad, but I know that when the time comes, the sacrifice will pay off. And soon, I found out I was right. My hair was pretty much what I wanted it to be, long but with "umph". Not boring. And you know what? Vain as it sounds, it made me feel more confident. I mean, yeah, I was just as funny and noisy but more often than not, I can have whatever hairdo I want. Be it ponytailed, pigtailed, with a headband or just naturally down, I can have it and it certainly makes me feel really good about myself. No, it's not shiny like the ones you see in the commercial and no, it's probably not as soft and smooth like those you watch in window-shopping infomercials. But it's good enough for me. And like they say, satisfaction entails sacrifice, so yeah, I'll probably sacrifice first because I know it's worth it.

You may probably call me the biggest "reklamadora" of all because all I could ever think about today is how HOT it is and how I feel like I'm inside a huge oven. But it is hot, and I really can't take it anymore. I feel like standing in front of the fridge the whole day. I feel like soaking myself in ice. I feel like walking around naked [just kidding!!! :p]. What kind of person in the right mind wouldn't complain about this??? I hope this inferno ends before school starts. Imagine a load of homework due the next day with SCORCHINGLY hot temperature. Wow, a perfect recipe for a migraine. What if this was God's way of punishing the people and the intensity of the heat depends on how good you have been. Well I hope no one feels cooler than me.. hehe, joke. Well if that is the reason, the terrorists, kidnappers ad all criminals should be burning right now! Pre-hell training kumbaga? Oh, I'm soo bad. I must stop or I might feel hotter later. *knocks on wood*

Gotta run.. thanks to all those who visited not only this blog, but also my site and the Familia To's site.. Ate Angge and Ate Angie, I already linked you up!

had-hyu. [it's really adieu but i'm too thirsty and hot to say it the proper way. hehe. :p]