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Shopping is another way of life.

[Confessions of a Shopaholic] Changed layout again. And this time, I think I'm gonna put this up for a while. I really think the colors pink and orange look good together, don't you think? Well, this layout only proves that I really am a shopaholic. I think I got my shopping jeans genes from my mom's side. She and her sisters and even my lola are all mall rats and would really go even to the corners of those tiangges just to find the good buys. Greenhills, Divi, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok.. they've been there. And they've raid them all. Well, now I'm joining their mall sessions and I must say I really, really love it. No girl can resist the excitement of shopping. I can't wait to finally earn my money and set aside a percentage for shopping. :p And shopping entails bonding sessions too. Like boys is to sports as girls is to shopping. I love the feeling of talking with my mom about what clothes to buy, or fitting shoes together. I love it. I just do.

I've been to this Hale forum and believe me I was shocked when I read all the people's comments about the band. We were all thinking the same way! We all thought that Hale was a foreign band, that their music was great and that their vocalist is HOT, HOT, HOT! I cannot believe how crazy I am for this band. I've only known them for 2 months or so, and yet I seem to be attached to their music. And have you seen their vocalist? I'm telling you, he raises the temperature! :p And I don't see them very often! Why is that? Because that freakin' myx got disconnected again. Yep, all subscribers of Paranaque Cable [CableLink] don't have myx. So how am I supposed to see them soar up the charts? Thank God for the radio, or else I wouldn't have discovered these fellas. Haaayy.. I love Hale. ;p

Back to shopping. Sophie Kinsella is such an excellent writer. I admit, that she got me really hooked on Becky. How? My dad gave me and my mom books for Christmas: Da Vinci Code for me and Shopaholic for Mom. But Mom was too lazy to read, and so after I finished the DVC, I decided to sneak out her book and started reading, just so I could read SOMETHING. But as I read, I can't seem to stop, so I continued, until I finally finished the book! And I bought the rest of the series! And now, here I am, waiting for the next installment. I mean, I know I don't have my credit card yet, I don't have a big-time husband, I don't work as a personal shopper but it seems like I can relate to Becky's every crave for something. It breaks my heart when she cannot have this amazing bag or this wonderful pair of shoes. It's like a connection. And no one can break a connection between shopaholics.

So there you go, shopping-filled post. Sorry if it sounds really lame at the moment. I'm really tired 'cause it took me an hour or so to finish this whole layout. Whew.

Shiyet, it's still damn hot. o_O