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Spicy Karla? naaahh. ;p

I had my vaccine shots [note -- shotS] on both my arms. Anti-flu and anti-pneumonia vaccines to be exact. Now I feel like I've battled with Manny Pacquiao because my arms are starting to feel heavy and painful. You're probably thinking what the hell am I doing in front of the PC blogging when I should be resting. I can't help it, the laptop was calling on to me like a stray dog in a forest, like a lost child in a mall, and somehow I managed to stand up and open it. So here I am, holding back my tears [and probably screams :p] and typing nonsense. Haha.

I just watched American Idol and I must admit, this is so far the best Top 2 in all the American idol singers. They both have amazing voices and have their own signature styles. I believe that choosing this season's Idol would not be based on talent [because they both are great singers] but by preference [as what Delamar said ;p]. A choice between a young and gutsy country singer or a hard-rocker. I admit that I don't personally like Bo that much but I think he's really a tough one to match, mainly because he has this thirst for stardom -- something that I think is what you need on your way to Tinseltown. And Carrie -- whoa. She's not your regular tweetums-pop type of girl. She can sing anything, from country to rock to disco.. and she's got personality: mysterious but daring. Whoever wins this season would certainly deserve it. May the best man person win. :)

I was watching TV Patrol last night when I heard the news that SpicyParis[Carl's Jr.'s website for the sexy Paris commercial] has crashed because of the huge amount of hits. I admit, I think Paris is really pretty and if I were to choose between her and Nicole, I'd pick her big time but to make a website just to show-off how "hot" she is, don't you think that's kinda weird? And is that burger even half as good as how it looks like in the commercial? Well I guess it would look really stupid but if the girl washing the car was Paris Hilton, no doubt people would go gaga over it. I bet it would be the largest selling burger in America. And to think any gutsy lady could do that. But no, because Paris did it, it's not normal. For them, it's sexy. This world is definitely a world of Paris-ians. [haha :p]This is what happens when your parents own a famous hotel chain in Las Vegas and earn millions a month week. *sigh* I wish I was an heiress too. *wink*

Our country is definitely going down the tubes. I wish I could stand up and say something. Not that I know how to run a country, but sometimes, I feel like the people up there are not even thinking wisely. Do you agree with me people? I mean come on! Using other people's money for their personal uses? Shame on them. Is that what their parents taught them? Is that what their schools taught them? And what, they come from decent schools and rich families.. and not an itsy bit of decency I can find in them. And not only the politicians, even the people. Small mistake -- reklamo. Small appeal -- reklamo. All they can do is complain. No offense, I'm a reklamadora too, but sometimes when you don't know what you're talking about you just have to know when to stop. That's what my mom tells me. Look at the MMDA issue. I think what Bayani Fernando is doing is right and correct. It might offend some people but it is what's needed to make this country right. The pink fences? Why aren't they looking at the road anyway? The overpasses with no covers? Why are they sleeping under it anyway? It's not about being kind, it's about ENFORCING DISCIPLINE. Eh kung puro bait na lang edi wala na tayong napuntahan. You can't always get what you want in this world. You can't always be treated nicely. Tapos, nag-rarally sila about how the people are "suffering" from all the MMDA projects. Well if they think about it, sacrificing for a while will actually end the real suffering sooner or later. And look at the celebrities who are not paying their taxes. So what if you're a big-time wage earner and a people-magnet, does that mean that you can't give your share to the country? And to think that people actually idolize them. They're actually law-breakers. Isn't it ironic that they tell their fans, "I'm doing this for you, my fellow Filipinos.. blah, blah, blah" but they don't pay their debts to the country they are "serving"? So-called role models. I actually like what the BIR is doing. They're not ruining careers, they're just telling these people to pay what is asked of them. It might hurt them yes, but it hurts the country too, every time they miss a single centavo.

Quote from Mean Girls: "There are two kinds of evil people, people who do evil stuff, and people who do evil stuff and do nothing about it."

If that's the case, everybody's evil. If law-enforcers don't tell these celebrities to pay, don't clean the sidewalks, don't arrest people who pirate music and movies, then they become evil too because kinukonsinte nila yung mga taong gumagawa ng offenses. At the same time, the politicians do evil too, when they steal money and cheat the people. I'm not aiming at someone or somebody, all I'm saying is that as a 13-year-old kid, I see a lot of stuff around our country that seem so immature and yet become the waterloo of our country. I wish, how I wish, people would just cooperate and maybe things would go just fine. Maybe if the people wouldn't complain too much, the politicians will serve them whole-heartedly. Maybe if the politicians don't steal, the people would actually trust them. Maybe if celebrities pay their taxes, they wouldn't be publicly humiliated. Maybe if the people would just follow the law, everything would be at peace. *sigh*

Vote Karla for President! Nyaha.. Spicy Karla na lang, at least I'd have a song written for me about how much they love me. *evil laugh* Just kidding. ;p

P.S. Don't you think the guitar pic rocks?! What other flag could look better on a guitar than ours? ;p Whatever happens I'm still proud to be a Filipino. :)

paalam. =]