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Star (Wars) talk

NOTE: People who haven't seen Star Wars, do not read! But if you want to, bahala kayo. :)

In a galaxy far, far away.. where Bombastarr lives and conquers *wink*

We watched Star Wars yesterday at Market! Market! and I must say I was greatly disturbed by how the story ended. Not because it was dull or boring.. but because it was so good and so beautifully made that I can't help thinking about it. The story was very well-written. I actually feel like crying in the middle of the movie because it was so sad [for me at least]. It was not meant to be "dramatic" but when you think about the story, it will sound depressing. Anakin [later Darth Vader] didn't really want to be bad right? He just did it for the name of love. And it was his love for Padme that pushed him to join the dark side. It was a story of conscience. He felt so betrayed by the Jedis, but he knew that Obi Wan trusts him. The Chancellor is an evil dictator but he seems so powerful that he was blinded with that power -- the power to keep the ones you love alive. In the end, I think he was a little regretful of his decision because he found out that his anger killed Padme. It was really depressing for me. *sigh* Darth Vader did not really want to be evil, he just wants to save Padme. Isn't it sad? His strong love was the reason of his failure. Yoda was right. You must learn to let go of the things you are afraid to lose. It is hard but you must. And because Anakin didn't listen, he must suffer his own consequences. It's like his plan backfired, without him realizing it until the last minute. Love.. it is so complicated. [that's what the movie projected me! :p]

Hayden Christensen was HOT, HOT, HOT! I don't know about you guys but he certainly was cuter than ever! :) I like him more now. I love you, Hayden! Natalie Portman was so beautiful. No words are enough to describe how beautiful she is. She is simply glamorous. She is a perfect example of beautiful. Natalie is like a cherry on top of a yummy Hayden ice cream. Haha. Their love for each other.. whoa. I love them. :)

All in all, it was a very good movie. It makes you think, and it certainly left me something to ponder on. The cast was great and it seemed lik they have played the characters all their life.

Rating: 9.8/10 -- It was the last of the Star Wars saga. :(