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vanity takes over

It's not my fault that I tend to smile when I look at my face even though I'm having a break-out or a bad hair day. It's not my fault that I look at the reflection of my face as a reflex when I pass by mirrors or glass windows. It's not my fault that I grew up in a generation wherein people are so obssessed with how they look. And it's certainly not my fault that my father had to upgrade his phone and give me his old cellphone that has a camera.

I admit, I am a camera whore.

I don't know what's wrong with me. These days, I use the phone to take photos of me, in different ways and poses, in different angles and emotions. It's always been like this, and my phone has always been filled with my picture. But this time, it's quite unusual, since I can't get enough of my cam-phone. And it's not only me I take pics of. My room, food, things around the house.. and if I get tired of looking at it later on, I'll just delete it. Most of the time though, I fix my hair and then *click*. Pout a bit, and then *click*. Look up, then *click*. Smile like a star, *click*. Haha. This is what happens when you leave a girl at home on a hot summer day with a camera phone.

I understand that it is not good to be vain and be obssessed with yourself. It's not very "healthy" to think of yourself as someone more good-looking than another. But I think that this kind of "vanity" has nothing to do with being mayabang or boastful. In my [humble] opinion, it's just one fun way of spending one's time, using one's phone wisely [haha], and well, feeling good about yourself. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", right? And who will think you're the most beautiful creature in the world than yourself? Right? I don't know about you guys, but when I see my face in my camera, I seem to look more good-looking than I think I am in person. Parang, kapag nakatingin ka lang sa mirror, hindi ganun. Parang may magic. I'm telling you, kakaiba talaga. Then, kapag ayaw mo na, you can just press that little button that says "Delete" or if you love it, set it as your wallpaper. For me, these little vanity moments don't make me go around saying "Hey look at me! I look hot in this pic!" but it just makes me feel good. And I don't have to show it to anyone. It's like me and my phone's little secret [although sometimes I post it in Friendster.. hehe]. And for me, it's so much more better than just standing in front of the mirror and not being able to capture a pose that you think makes you look like a superstar.

Oh, so it rained for like, 15 seconds drips. I didn't even feel it, I didn't even hear it, I didn't even smell it! And it's hot again.

All together now, put your cellphones in front of your face and then, *click*!
Welcome to the club. :p

Thanks Ate Cosio (I already linked you!), Jeannie and Shari for dropping by!

*click* :p