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what day is it today?! MAY 06! :p

I FINALLY HAVE MY HALE ALBUM!!! This is one of the best days ever.

After my Power Memory class, me and my Mom went to AstroVision in Glorietta to look for Hale but it's out of stock. Then we went to Landmark but hindi pa daw dumarating. *sob* Finally, we went to the store I trust the most, MusicOne in Greenbelt 4 and yes, my instincts were right, THEY DO HAVE HALE. Kung nakita niyo lang yung expression ko at kung naramdaman niyo lang yung talon ng puso ko when I saw the CD and in front was written in bold letters "Hale".. wow, it was such a great feeling. Now tell me I'm exaggerating but it is true. I bought the CD right away [i was already saving up for it kahit na hindi ko alam ang price :p] and I'm currently listening to it. Sulit yung P250 ko. Their songs are amazing and the packaging -- whoa. You'll never think it was a local band. If you want to feel what I'm feeling right now you MUST buy it. You'll never regret it. Nyaha nag-advertise ba daw. HALE, kung isa man sa inyo ay mapadpad sa blog kong ito, I LOOOOVE YOU.

Argh school's about to start and I feel both happy and sad. I'm really looking forward to going back to school and finally seeing all my friends.. but parang I'm pressured. Basta I feel something's pressuring me. I don't know if you guys feel the same way pero parang there's a feeling na when you get back to school, meron kang something. I'm not sure what that something is, basta feel ko dapat meron ka. Yung tipong, you're shimmering because of your tan or your hair's longer now or you've got curves now.. yung ganun. I know ang weird pero parang ganun di ba? Is it peer pressure? I'm not sure. And I'm not sure if I've got a something already. Aah, I know, I have one. Pero secret para surprise. [hehe] I don't know. New bag? Check. New shoes? Probably. But somehow, when I go back to school, gusto ko they will see that SOMETHING in me, pero not in a way na "Hey-look-I've-got-something-check-it-out!" way.. more of like "So-look-at-me-am-I-any-different?" kinda way.. haha. This "something" has really got me.

I think the next school year would require me to drink more coffee. I don't know. Feel ko, mas madaming mga gabi na kailangan kong mag-sunog ng kilay kaka-memorize sa mga terms tungkol sa _________ at sa _________ o kaya sa ___________. So probably, I'll stock up lots of Nescafe Iced Coffee in the pantry. Then either magdadala na lang ako sa school [yung may kasamang glass at.. do da move!] or dito sa bahay. O di ba, instant Starbucks. =] I think it would keep me sane -- r. Haha. :p

So much for pre-school jitters, I can't contain myself. I haven't even bought school supplies yet! Shiyetness. And I still don't know what my section is.. I mean, yung section na St. ____. Yun. I remember I felt the same way last year, when i was just an incoming freshman. It's a whole new world out there, I hear myself say. But now here I am, about to face my second year, and yet I feel like that jittery feeling is still there. Well maybe that's how it really is weeks before going back to school but I don't know, I can't seem to stop thinking about school.. wearing that same white blouse and checkered skirt, parading the hallways with such boisterous laughter, singing our songs along the windows.. I feel like something won't be the same. People will be leaving [yes, and it's so sad *sniff*] and new people will be coming. Somehow I know, the jittery feeling this time isn't about my nervousness of entering a whole new society but the feeling that part of my security blanket will be yanked away from me. Maybe there would be no more 'eskapo sessions' or Eating societies.. things wouldn't be the same. I admit, I don't like leaving behind something I'm already fond of.. or going through a day without something I'm already used to having. But maybe that's part of growing up. Remember that "something" I was saying a while ago? Maybe a "something" I could have is, the ability to cringe a little and then move on.. even if it's hard. I'm surely going to miss our brain-boggling Integ pop quizzes [yes, a part of me will!] or the times when teachers don't seem to mind our 'kakulitans' because "first year lang naman.." Will second year be a life of pain or bliss? And it hurts that to answer that, I have to go through it first. Oh well, few more weeks to prepare..

Enjoy the rest of the sizzling summer guys.. [shiyetness, it's an inferno!!!] And if you're having the jitters too.. well, pareho tayo! Waaaaaaaaaahh. [/EDIT]

"Hindi ko man hawak ang panahon, maging ang ikot ng buhay, basta't ikaw at ikaw parin, ikaw at ikaw pa rin." -- Kahit Pa by Hale.