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what the hell?!

I have been excited about this day ever since I knew this day would be THE day.

Haha, anlabo. Basta, I was expecting it and I am really excited about it and guess what they did?! They moved it a day LATER. Yes, they moved the opening of classes from JUNE 6 to JUNE 7! Argh! Do they know how much agony I am going to suffer because of this? I have set my body clock to only one week of freedom, and yet they're going to MOVE it? Do you know how hard it's going to be for my body clock to adjust?? Okay it's not really all about the body clock. Oooohhhh.. why do they have to move? Mabibitin lang ako. One day later means one day lacking in a week which means a probable Saturday class or one day late than the supposed-to-be closing of classes in March. It's a big thing, you know?!

Okay I'm exaggerating but let's face it, I want to go to school on June 6 so I'm really disappointed.

I am here in my mom's office blogging. It's much more exciting blogging here than at home because here I use a real keyboard [unlike at home, we use a laptop kasi] so you can really here the noisy keys as you type. Haha. And I can use IE here unlike at home I use Netscape because our IE freezes up after 10 minutes of usage. :( Plus what I like about staying at mom's office is that it's airconditioned so I won't feel an insy-witsy bit hot. Hah! :)

Friendster disabled HTML! And I was so excited about putting up my Constantine gif! Argh. Or even a little picture of a coffee cup to match my profile. I hate it. Oh well. The pink look is okay pa rin naman eh. :)

Before I said to myself, if I stumble on a hobby that I suddenly like so much and I become good at, I'll try making it a sideline. You know, not really a business but something I could do when I need extra money. And now I've found two of them: crafts-making and webdesign. By craftsmaking I mean the butterfly brooches and earrings I make (remember? Check out my Multiply for the pics). I make them usually every Holy Week when my tita who has all the supplies brings them to our house in Batangas. It's really just meant to be for friends but then I made so many that I was thinking of selling them already. Webdesigning naman, well I'm not a pro and you could tell the layouts I make are very simple but I could tell that people like it naman. "Simplicity is a virtue" kasi is my motto. And whenever I do these hobbies, I really enjoy doing it, and I pour myself into it. It's like everything around me is a blur, except for me and what I do. Kinda like what I feel when I play the piano. I'm serious about it. That's enough reason for me to think about making it a sideline. Of course I probably wouldn't do it now as in now, but soon. I really like to try this. But the ironic thing about this is that, these hobbies are related to art which I really am no good at -- drawing, painting and all. Tapos may mga kinalaman pala sa creativity tong mga to. Haha. Oh well, I'll still think this thing over.

I feel sad about how Gossip Girl 2 is turning out. Blair and Nate break up! (Not officially but hey, Nate is two-timing Blair so a breakout is in the runs) And now I have to know what comes next! I have to buy the next installment.. probably after the first periodic test because I'll probably have enough money by then. :)

Yipee Monday night means Monday Night Laughs on Star World. Hay, life is still good.
Sorry mejo sabog yung post.