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help i'm seeing.. squares?!

Argh this is it. School REALLY is about to start. Tuesday is nearing. I can hear the days ticking by. I can smell the crisply ironed uniform in our maid's room. I can see the books neatly stacked up in my room. I can feel the morning air gently sweeping my face (that is because I can wake up to the sound of the alarm clock already! Alright! :p). I can.. not believe it.

I was listening to the Morning Rush yesterday and their Top 1o question was: "Signs That You Are A Desperate Housewife" and there's this one entry that said, "When you do everything just the way he likes it, while wishing for him to come back". Isn't it sad that there are women who have to feel this way? I do not know how painful that must be for them, but I know they feel hurt. These are the women who love and yet their loved one doesn't seem to notice it. These are the women who suffer for their loved one, and yet they settle for loving them from afar. Questions inside my head were raised when I heard Chico said this statement. I mean, I can't blame these women for not letting the man go. They love their husbands/boyfriends to death, and they'll do whatever they have to do just to make sure they come back. And what do they get in return? Nothing. Sometimes, their "sweethearts" have affairs or other families. Ang sakit-sakit siguro nun. I also cannot blame the man if he really doesn't love the woman back. But I just really feel bad about people in this kind of situations. Parang it hurts more than being whipped at the back by a rope or slashing yourself with a knife.. parang when it comes to matters of the heart, it is a hundred times more painful. Will I ever get to feel that pain? Will I ever love and get nothing in return? I hope not. I hope I don't reach the point wherein I would gladly jump off a bridge or kill myself just to prove to the person I love that yeah, I love you, with all my heart and soul. I don't want to be a desperate lover. Love is supposed to be happiness with pain, not pain with happiness. Love is supposed to be something you have out of happiness not out of despair. I pray for these women (or men).. may they find their peace and enlightenment in whatever decision they will make, either to let go or to stay.

Wow, I cannot believe I wrote a paragraph THAT long about that topic. I guess I was really carried away. Speaking of Desperate Housewives, I want to watch it! I've heard a lot about this show and I really want to see it. Only thing is I don't know what channel and when is it shown. Anyone of you who knows, tell me ASAP!

Hale, my favorite band in the whole wide world, is currently the number 1 in RX Top 7 with their song "The Day You Said Goodnight"! I'm soo happy for them! And I vote for that song, every chance I get. I am currently enjoying my Hale CD to bits, while lying on my bed and just drowning myself into the beauty of their songs. It's like their music swallows me and I become so engrossed with their songs that when I snap out to reality, I feel dazed. Their songs were written for me! Haha, especially Broken Sonnet. It has the hugest impact on me. Never have I liked a band so much.. I LOVE YOU HALE!!!

"if only you could know me like your prayers at night, then everything between you and me will be alright.."