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so much for my happy ending

I always listen to My Happy Ending on my iPod. It's not my favorite song, nor is Avril my idol. I don't even fancy watching it's video or catching it on the charts. But when I listen to it through my earphones, I dunno, somehow it "invades" my veins. Haha, ang weird. Basta, it's as if the song suddenly knocks a door in my brain, the start of another LSS. Ang oti.

Why are there people who discourage others to imagine? Why are there people who break other people's dreams? Why are there people who stop others from believing the impossible?

I always make movies and imagine such amazing events inside my head (like Blair :p). I imagine everything just as I want it to be: perfect. But sadly, my visions don't always come to life, and more often than not, the results are far from my mini-movies. They don't even come close to what I imagined, and if ever they do, there's an unexpected twist at the end which would change the whole story. And it happens all the time. Sometimes, I just want to stop imagining these things so that I wouldn't feel disappointed in the end, but I can't help it. And once I start weaving stories inside my head, I can't stop. But they never happen in real life. Where's my happy endings? I don't know, stuck in my head, I guess.

Like fairy tales. To a child, it's a magical story of princes and princesses, of dwarfs and fairies. And as a child grows up, she's supposed to let go of fairy tales but she doesn't move on, instead she holds on to it and believes in it more. To an adult, fairy tales are no longer bedtime stories but visions of what they want to have and be in the future. They want to escape from evil stepmothers and sea witches. They want to have everybody love them. They want their knight in shining armor running to come fetch them and live in the castle happily ever after. But it usually never happens, doesn't it? And you know, people will just hold on to these fantasies until finally they fall and crash. It's gotta hurt. And where's their happy endings? In books and movies, I suppose.

People have so many wishes and dreams, that sometimes even though it's far from reality, they have the tendency to cling onto it and still believe. Even though they know it's impossible, they still have this spark in their eyes and this beat in their hearts that says, "Someday, it will come.. someday.." And what's funny is that you can't stop people from making movies inside their heads. I don't know about you, but I just can't. It's automatic. It makes me feel happy that somehow, there's a perfect scenario waiting to happen, even though it's just in here *points to head*. It's a license to happiness. And I think everybody has the right to that happiness. No one should ever, ever, ever stop someone from staring into space while daydreaming about her love. No one should have the right to ruin someone's happiness when she is making magical movies inside her head even though it's not anywhere near our distant future. No one.

But I guess we daydreamers have to snap out to reality every once in a while and live not actually the best, but the only real movie we've all got -- our life.

"we were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it.."