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here, here.

Life is definitely complete. I mean, it's not as great as freshmen life, but so far things are going goooood. I'm too lazy to update my geocities right now, and I'm still not sure about the domain thing, so I'll be sticking here for a while.

I finally feel alright. Last year was great, but I always had this feeling of uncertainty, of un-sureness about something. But now, people have proved to me that yeah, I actually got what I deserved and it's all mine. No one can take it away from me. It's been a year, and I never felt so happy in my entire.. 12 months. Haha. I'm glad that things are going perfectly perfect.

Have you ever had this feeling wherein your friends ask advice from you about something you know you actually have or good at? You know like, your best friend asking you about Math when you're a Math wiz.. and actually knowing what to say. Wala lang. It's not boasting eh. It's just you know, giving advice you're sure about, not just something you suddenly thought of. And it makes me feel good that I actually know what I'm talking about. Sometimes, I need those little self-esteem boosts, kasi when someone asks me about let's say, Soc Sci, tapos alam ko, I feel so proud na parang, alam ko yan. Of course I'm not being mayabang or anything, it's just feeling, well, proud. Weird.

I saw an old classmate the other day, and believe me she looked freaky. She was wearing thick eyeliner and well, she didn't even manage to give a good smile. Hello! I can't believe I used to eat lunch with her. She is such a snob, then and now. I wonder how life is for her. I heard she's such a superstar in her new school. Good for her. I think she has inferiority complex of some sort. Well she deserves it, few people liked her in my school.

I have this quiz bee on Monday at SPUQ. I'm nervous! I mean yeah, I could still remember all the Philippine History stuff we reviewed last year but still.. it's not that fresh. And my teacher kept telling me that I'm the pambato and all that, and it makes me feel nervous! Good thing I have teammates or else I'll faint.

Speaking of fainting, why is fainting such a fad these days? Every week, an average of 5 sophores faint. Maybe I should try it. I mean why not, you get carried by the cute teachers, get all the attention you need, all your friends worrying about you and you get to skip class. Cool. NOT. It's hard to differentiate the real sick people from the "actresses". It's soo sad that people actually buy this whole thing even though they know it's already a fake. Hello. Snap out of it people. Get real.

Got to go, my mom's calling me. It's great to BE back. I think I'll be updating more often.
Tata. :p