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fly, fly high. soar through the sky. (haha feeling superhero)

Classes were suspended today. Hurrah! And I arrived at school ten minutes before seven only to find out minutes later that classes were suspended. Great. Mikka, Fatima, Hope, Tin and Keng went over and stayed here until past four! It was fun. We watched movies, played parlor (yes, a salon!), played with dolls, danced, sang and we had it all on video! Haha. It was like a sleepover minus the night and sleeping time. :) We even ordered pizza (courtesy of Tin!) and designed our Friendster profiles (actually I did it because they don't know HTML) It was a blast, I tell you. What a great way of spending your Friday.

My interest in superheroes grows more and more each day. I'm fascinated by the fact that they are so powerful and amazing.. they are the people we want to be. I've always dreamt of becoming a superhero. Imagine flying around all day, possessing superpowers, saving people, being looked up by people. It's probably the best feeling to save a whole city and be loved by the whole nation. They save us, they save the world. And yet, they are still human. They all break down. They all fall. And it's also one of the greatest things I like about superheroes. They are all strong and powerful, yet they are also weak and human deep inside. I guess this is why I like them so much. I wish for every crashing moment in my life, I could make it up for it by saving people's life. I wish that for every strength, there will always be a weakness, because it makes us whole. It makes us real. Superheroes aren't just there to show the impossible strength a person can have, but also the truth that for every great power is a weakness. Spiderman's emotions, Superman's love, Batman's past.. they all make us feel equal. Every person has a share of ups and downs, and superheroes are no exceptions. Superheroes are symbols for all of us. We are all strong and capable, but behind these are feelings of loneliness too. Maybe that's why the superheroes appeal to us more than any other character. Hay. I still wish I'd be as hot AND as powerful as Wonder Woman. :)

I miss Friends. I haven't been able to watch it nowadays because of too much schoolwork. I miss those guys a lot! I remember just this summer, I never fail to watch a single episode. And I catch the show three times a day on different time slots! I never get tired of them. I also signed up for almost all their fanlistings for every character, season, episode and even loveteam! Haha. I guess you could call me addicted. "I'll be there for you, 'coz you're there for me too.."

I'll be going home to Batangas tomorrow. It's my lola's birthday today. Happy Birthday, Wowa!