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i'm hot.

NOTE: Not everyone is recommended to read this post. If you think you're not in for a very, uhm, feminine post with all the issues of being a girl, then better not continue and click that Back button. :)

Today is one of the sexiest days of my life. Haha. Laugh your heads off people, I don't care, basta today I feel sexier and hotter and prettier than ever. Let me tell you the story of September 22nd.

I had a dream about a teacher. A VERY weird dream. I dare not mention what and who is in the dream, all I know is that this is one of the most unforgettable dreams ever. And not unforgettable as in really really nice or sweet but unforgettable as in freaky! Haha.

I woke up feeling really heavy because of a monthly friend. *ehem* I went to school feeling groggy and irritated. I mean, that's how it is right? I couldn't stand up, I couldn't walk. I just felt terrible. I finally decided to go to the clinic but you know what the nurse said? She doesn't have any hot compresses for me so she gave me a pain-killer and sent me back to my classroom! She didn't even allow me to rest. I don't normally drink pain-killers since they say it's bad because you might get used to it, but I was so desperate that I finally decided to do so, though it didn't really make me feel better right away.

Eventually the pain went away and I was able to enjoy the rest of the day normally (though still a little groggy). Fast-forward to PE time. I used my first year PE since it's green (sophomore PE is yellow) because I'm afraid of staining my yellow one. And since the shirt is, well, a little too small already, when I looked at the glass window (haha, official mirror) I LOOKED SO SEXY! My tummy was flat and something grew bigger!! :) Wahah. Of course I was so proud of myself that I immediately showed it off to my friends and they were all so happy for me!! :) I couldn't contain my excitement! And to make matters worse better, I actually played a volleyball game! I was finally able to serve and hit the ball PROPERLY. Is this magic or what? I really am stupid when it comes to volleyball, always missing the shot and hitting my head with the ball. But no, not today, I was a real pro! I looked like I played for a couple of years! Haha. It's such a great feeling. I never wanted that PE class to end. I never thought I could actually achieve two of my greatest wishes all in one day. GOD IS SO GOOD. After PE, I was all sweaty and tired but seeing my reflection on the mirror made the smile on my face grow bigger. Haha. I was even "blushing" because of too much exhaustion. I never felt so good in my entire.. well.. month. I know I sound conceited and vain and mayabang, but if you just knew how I felt during that period. Wow. And the best part is? I got a pretty nice treat afterwards too. Life is sooo not unfair.

Do you watch Big Brother? I think I'm hooked. I find Say and JB cute, and Racquel irritating. Aww. You guys should watch. You don't know what you're missing. =]

Oh and btw, I think I'll be putting up another blog for all the unanswered questions in Ask Karla so watch out. :)