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a labyrinth.

The Long Test is finally over! Whew. I didn't actually feel it, parang it happened on such a short notice, but yeah, the 2nd departmental test has gone through. *sigh* I'm crossing my fingers for good results. Anyway, I'm still an awardee! Yaay! I'm so happy. I really thought I might've slipped down the slopes already since second year was really harder than I thought. But I'm glad I did well and for that I thank You, Lord!! Congratulations to the other awardees too. Tomorrow will be the assembly and distribution of cards. Yikes.
I'm thinking of taking up Philosophy in college. I don't know, it just popped out of my head. It sounds interesting. Haha. I want to be like Confucius or Lao Tzu. I want to study logic. I want to understand how humans perceive things through different angles. But then again, taking up Philosophy is not practical. It's a course for people who will soon become nuns and priests. Sigh. And I was so interested with the curriculum. Oh well. Another one of my choices is Political Science. This has always been my "default" choice because I've always been interested in this field and I'd like to become a lawyer someday. But looking at our politicians today, I wouldn't want to be involved. I mean, I COULD change the Philippines (haha) but I WOULDN'T dare. The system's too f*cked up already. And a lawyer? Probably just a corporate lawyer, not one who goes to court. Maybe it's not the path for me either..
So what's with all this career talk? I just feel so.. late. I mean, by now people have decided what they want to be, what course they should take, where to go.. it's like their future is already laid before them, and yet here I am still undecided and unsure. I just hope that one day, when I wake up, the perfect school and the perfect course will be right before my eyes. :)
I changed my layout. The "Karla Freety" thing was just temporary. I guess I can say I'm really back now. I missed blogger. Why did I move back anyway? Time isn't so good to me.. I can't upload my Geocities ever now and then.. it's too tiring. Anyway, this layout features my alter ego (hehe) Wonder Woman. I got this from Blogskins and edited it a bit. I'm still too tired to make one enitrely on my own. But I promise I will soon.
I guess this is it for now. Tata.