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wake me up.. to reality.

So what's really with Big Brother that's got everybody talking? Everywhere I go, I hear Big Brother. Everytime I turn to Channel 2, I see Big Brother. Pinoy Big Brother is everywhere, and it's taken the country by storm. But why is it so controversial? What's with it?

You have been a witness of how hooked I am with this show even though I only started watching it these past few weeks. At first, I really didn't like the idea of locking people inside the house for 100 days with no communication. I mean, what would we get out of it? Bored people prbably. But I was wrong. It showed us how people really live the simple life. No phones, no TV, no media. Just them, and their housemates. And it was actually very entertaining to see people from all walks of life try to adjust to each other's attitudes. The tasks and rules made the show even more intruiging.

And I think the audience saw nothing wrong with that. But I think what we all didn't anticipate was the fact that these housemates could still live the life they lived, being their own liberal selves. They CAN fall in love. They CAN kiss and make out. They CAN do what they want. Because they ARE inside their own world. They don't know what's happening outside them. They don't know and they don't care. These things will really happen. And this is reality. People really do fall in love. People really do kiss and make out. And people really do what they want. The only difference is, there's no cameras, no evictions. So why are we all mad about it? It only reflects how we really are. I understand that the MTRCB is just doing their job of filtering out as much sexual activities they can in the show and are doing it for the benefit of the youth as well as all the people watching it. And I also understand that some of the audiences are either too young or too old or aged to accept the show but I also want to voice out my opinion. The show is a mirror of real life. It isn't scripted, it isn't fake. It has all the drama we find in teleseryes, only it's true. If they think the show is not advisable for children, well it is the parent's jobs to see to it that their children do not watch it. And if there are children who do watch it, it is their responsibility to explain to them what it is all about. So for me, the show isn't bad. The whole perception of the show depends on how you see it, and for me, it is just life. If I am not brave enough to watch it, to see reality unfold before my eyes, then it is like I am not brave enough for reality. So yes, I am a Big Brother Fan. And I am proud of it.

I am sooooo sad about JB's eviction last night. I know he might be a bit arrogant but he really is a sweet guy. He loves Say and she loves him back. How I wish they'll still go strong even after 60 more days of no communication. I so love them.

BTW, I watched Lovestruck at SM a while ago. I actually liked the story. It's not so jologs. Laughtrip and kilig. It is better than I expected. Go ahead and watch it.

"wake me up when September comes.."