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what is your dominant fear?

Most of you will probably think I'll answer cats, and yes, I am afraid of cats even though they are small, harmless creatures. But what I really hate the most is the feeling of being alone. Not literally alone but the feeling of loneliness, the feeling that even though they are a lot of people surrounding you, you feel so distant. I hate that feeling. Why? Because it makes me feel different. It makes me feel lonely. It makes me feel miserable. And you know what else I'm afraid of? Being left behind. Losing something really important to me. I can't seem to think about how I am going to face a day without something I really treasure. It's like having a pencil but no lead. It's useless.

Sometimes, we think that we are all strong, mighty beings and we tend to show an unfazed attitude towards things. But what we don't understand is that being brave isn't always enough to keep us going. Sometimes, feeling afraid is the better option than to keep on walking. I admit, I have not been brave in all the situations that have come along the way. And though there's a small feeling of guilt, the constant haunting of the word "sayang", I always come to my senses that maybe fearing something didn't really stop me from moving. Instead, it made a bigger step. Because admitting your fear is something that will take you a long way, and the next big step is conquering it.

Right now, I am uncertain if someday I can conquer my fear, if I can be left alone without my life support. Without the one thing I hold on to. I can hear my soul shout its faint voice, to fight and to try living a life on my own. But I know that this voice is not enough, and right now, I still need my superhero to save me from all the insanity the world has got to offer.

This could've been my answer to my extempo if I was given more time.
Oh shit it's 9:05? This Chem assignment is really killing me.