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It's been how many days and yet I still can't seem to get over Thursday's PE class. You'll probably think that I'm such a drama queen since I've been making a fuss over something stupid. But hey, to me, it isn't really stupid because I was able to prove something -- for myself at least.

I know I'm stereotyped as the versatile pasaway. The kikay-slash-nerd. The maarteng smartie. The girl-next-door. The sweetie-sweetie. The social type of person. The classroom or corridor one. Meaning I'm not the athletic or outdoor kind of person. I prefer staying inside than playing on a hot day. I'm not KJ, but I'm just not sporty. And it's okay with me. I don't even care what the hell they think about me, but I know what I think of myself. And to finally be able to play a game of volleyball last Thursday was really something for me. I mean, yeah, it doesn't really make all the difference in the world but somehow I was able to prove to myself that I am capable of being the PE girl too. Hitting that ball did not only make me feel happy, it made me feel proud. I wish you were really there with me. It was really one of the best PE classes ever. I know I sound like such a drama queen but this is how I really feel. Haay.. I can't wait for Thursday!!

Oh my God it's eviction night in Big Brother!! Please, please, please vote for JB! I know there's only 25 minutes late but I really like him to stay! I find him and Say cute eh.. Haha. Type BB JB and send to 2331 (Globe/Sun) or 231 (Smart). [Mag-plug daw ba?] Anyway, this whole BigBro fever is getting to me! I'm hooked. I'm addicted. I know it's kind of corny, but hey, it's reality. At least it's not crappy unlike other shows. It depicts how Filipinos really are. And though some housemates really disappoint and irritate me, I still enjoy the show for its truthfulness. I wish JB and Say last longer. Kilig.

Sorry for the super late night post. I'm starting my Algeb project. Hay, tambak projects namin. WHY DID THEY SAY THAT SOPH LIFE WAS THE EASIEST?? It is so not. More than 6 projects to be submitted. It really sucks. Haay. The only thing I'm looking forward to this week is Thursday. Hehe.

"let me know if i could stay all of my life.."