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whoooops. *boing*

last week was hell week. i am so damn tired and exhausted.
but at least good events happened.
para bang good fruits have been reaped from the hard labor.

1. 2nd place sa sabayan!! yeah boi!! It was really really great! Two times in a row.. wow it feels so good. We actually crammed and finished the piece the day before! The last few parts were a bit shaky but i'm glad we pulled it off. Of course my favorite part was my "solo" part wherein i have to slap Fatima. Unfortunately (for her), I hit her for real and the audience was really shocked!! even me!! Haha. Everyone went "Ah!" and I swear that the was the guiltiest moment of my life! Her mom was even there. Well, that's showbusiness. Hehe. I apologized to her though.. I couldn't go on living if I knew I slapped someone so hard on the face in front of hundreds of people!! btw, congratulations to all the other levels.. we all did our best and I know we all won in God's eyes. :) And also, our trainors are REALLY proud of us! Lots of <3:>