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Yaay new layout! it's called Bittersweet featuring a picture of the sunset. Don't you find sunsets amazing? I mean, they are so beautiful. Everytime I look at one, I can't help but feel in love, happy, sad, excited, all kinds of emotions. I don't always get to catch the sunset but everytime I do, it's always in that perfect orange-y color, the sun about to rest. It leaves a feeling of hope that tomorrow will be a new day. I always feel relaxed and relieved when I see it, especially after a very tiring day. It's as if the sun carries my problems away with it and leaves me with calmness and serenity. And this picture, is definitely one of the best sunsets I have ever seen. It just makes me want to smile. Thank You, Lord for giving us very special sunsets not once, but everday in our lives.
How many days left till my birthday? I'm not counting. It seems like it's sooo far away. But I'm excited about it. And also our trip to Bangkok! Can't wait! Shopping. Wow.
By the way, our recollection's on Thursday. DOn't forget your reco letters.