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froggy frog day.

I am soo happy today. I got very good scores in Soc Sci and English! I can't believe that all my late night study sessions paid off. I'm so happy. My mom was right. All those sacrifices will bring me good fruits in the end. And it did. Mothers know best.

Tomorrow we're going to disect frogs. Eww. Hope is my lab partner and I'm glad she's the one who's supposed to bring it. We already disected frogs back in 6th Grade and believe me I really pitied the frog! I wanted to cry when we were slicing its body. The formaline solution (is that what you call it?) didn't seem to work and so I assumed he was feeling the knife slowly cutting through his skin. He was moving in pain and I swear if he had a voice he would probably yell out an ear-piercing scream. I hope our frog tomorrow will be asleep or numb when we perform the experiment so that I wouldn't have to sob while looking at his open body.

Speaking of frogs, I suddenly remembered the story of the Frog Prince (the fairy tale, not the chinovela). I was watching an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and it was about Sabrina kissing Harvey and turning him into a frog. It's a sort of witch thing about first kisses between mortals and witches. She has to take the test of true love and kiss him again (as a frog) to turn him back into a human. It's really sweet, you know? It makes me wonder, what if I have to kiss a frog to prove my undying love to someone? Would I take the risk? Would I be brave enough to let my lips TOUCH the grimy and slimy frog? I don't know. Maybe I will, if I really love that person. I mean, if that is the only way to let him know that I really my love is real, then why not? If you think about it, the frog could symbolize your partner's imperfections. Would you still kiss your loved one even if he or she has messy hair, is lazy, has pimples or whatnot? Of course you will, because you love him/her. It's about accepting him/her even though it means taking chances and having to adjust because of his/her weaknesses. Haaay. The feeling of love has got me all mushy again.

Yaay we already have a frog! Is he my prince? Naah.

Kiss me beneath the milky twilight..
Ribbit, ribbit.
so kiss me.