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going back.

Oh God forgive me. Yesterday, I killed a frog. I sliced a frog. I touched a frog's heart, liver, intestines, lungs and all the other icky yucky parts. I cannot believe I survived. I'm a frog killer.

Goodbye frog.

I have a very, very beautiful picture of the sky. I took it yesterday afternoon while waiting for the other class. I was so shocked by how pretty the sun made the cloud look like it had a silver lining. It was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. Swear. The rays of the sun beautifully lighted the other parts of the sky and the other clouds had a touch of purple. It was perfect. Maybe I'll post it soon. God is so great. Sometimes I want to give up, I just want to surrender. But when I see these kind of things, I have second thoughts. Why leave life? It's so beautiful. There's so much left for me to explore. Maybe there will be better skies or sunsets. Thank God for the beauty of life.

I'm so damn tired of hearing news about rallies and protests. I mean, it's not that I don't care. It's just that, it won't stop. Everyday, every week. It's just so sad. Good thing there are still things to smile about. Like the Pacquiao brothers and Lara Quigaman. Despite the many turmoils, they still make me feel proud to be a Filipino. I'm so sick of having to write essays about how difficult the situation is and all that. That's why I wrote a haiku about the Pacquiao brothers for SocSci. It may not be as dramatic as the other's works but hey, at least mine doesn't give off such negative vibes.

Today we went to Adamson University, formerly St. Theresa's College Manila, the school where my mom spent her kindergarten & grade school years. We had mass and the homily was really nice. Even though I'm not a Theresian (and my mo says she's more of a Paulinian), I can totally relate to what the priest was saying. St. Theresa's is an exclusive school for girls and was one of the best private schools in Manila. It closed it doors in 1980 and gave its keys to Adamson. The Theresians never failed to celebrate and hold reunions. every year, but this time they decided to go back to where they really belong, in the San Marcelino campus. The priest was saying something about the "grace of physical memory." Why go back to this place which is not St. Theresa's anymore? Why not go to STC-Quezon City? Because, he said, that is where your heart is. In that same campus, in that same quadrangle. He also said something about babies inside the womb. Normally we think that unborn babies have no feelings, no emotions, no thoughts. But what we don't know is that the biggest development and formation of a baby's life happens inside the womb. And STC (or in my case, SPCP) can be compared to that. Our alma mater is the place where we grow and learn to be the people we will be in life. I was very moved by his homily. Most of the time, I take my school for granted. I hate the new administration, I hate the new "sidewalks", I hate the new policies, I hate the teachers (not all of them though), I hate the subjects. But someday, I'm gonna miss them. I'm going to miss walking down the halls, I'm going to miss singing the hymn that will forever echoe in my head. And I have to admit, most of my beliefs and my opinions were largely influenced by my stay here in St. Paul College. I have 2 years and a half of a school year to go. Barely enough time to witness great changes or miracles. Soon, this school will be just a memory, just a place I will look back to someday. While I'm still in it, I promise I will try to make the most out of it as possible.

"Sweet are the days of girlhood, when friends we loved and cared
those golden links of childhood, whose sympathy we share..
do stay and while the hours away, with us in work and play,
and when we leave our dear old school,
these memories we'll recall,
these memories we'll recall..

Hark! Daughters of the great St. Paul!"

I want a hug.