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i'm back. am i dreaming?

WOW after how many weeks.. I am really back. So what's been happening with me?
1. PTs are over. Whew. I hope it turns out good.
2. It's October! Who's birthday is coming up?
3. I'm excited about our Bangkok trip.
4. I play the guitar na! It's for music.
5. I'm tired (as usual).
I haven't been getting any real sleep these past weeks. I haven't even completed 8 hours. I feel so tired everyday, but what can I do? Time won't let me sleep as dreamily as before. Lots of homework, projects, quizzes. Argh. It's enough to make one insane. I'm so drained. I need some energy-boosters. Haha.
These days, I've been hooked with my guitar (well actually, my cousin's) just because we have to learn how to play it for Music. I can play basic chords already! Yaay, achievement. I don't know if I'm going to really play this passionately as I play the piano. But oh well, nothing's wrong with being multi.. uhm, multi-instrumented? Haha.
No time to blog about lots of things. But promise, I'll get you updated as soon as I'm flush. And thanks to all the who commented and tagged. Love to all.