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the karla survey.

1. I ___ KARLA.
2. KARLA is ___.
3. If I were alone in a room with KARLA, I would ___.
4. I think KARLA should ___.
5. KARLA needs ___.
6. I want to ___ KARLA.
7. Someday KARLA will be ___.
8. KARLA reminds me of ___.
9. Without KARLA, ___.
10. Memories of KARLA are ___.
11. KARLA can be ___.
12. Worst thing about KARLA is ___.
13. Best thing about KARLA is ___.
14. I am ___ KARLA.

Please answer my survey! Hehe. I got this from Gliza and Shari, and now it's my turn to ask you guys a favor. Please, please, please answer it for me. Okay, I know I'm not gonna get lots of respondents here, but what the heck. It's also in my Friendster. :) Yan na lang birthday gift niyo saken.

Haven't you noticed something new in my blog? Okay I'll give you a shot. Try looking at the sidebar. See anything different? Yes? Good. I've made a navigation bar. Yaay! :) This may be a blog site but so what? I decided that I should still give it a little twist by making it a little more personal. So there. Hope you enjoy the new 'features'. The Ask Karla part is still under construction but nevertheless everything else is okay.

Wow only a few days before my birthday! This is really exciting. I didn't realize how fast it's coming because of all the schoolwork. Aaah. One week away. Shiyet. I'm excited.

Blog more later. Got some stuff to do. By the way, I'm loving Chem! Woohoo.
Happy Birthday Mendo!