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leaving on a jetplane.. :)

Finally! After one hundred years.. I am back. But not for good. I'm at an internet shop with a keyboard that sucks. Argh. Our DSL is still in a bad mood so my last-minute blogging has to settle at the internet shop.

I'm 14!! Yaaay! My birthday was a blast. I really thought nothing spectacular would happen, but fortunately for me, my friends did something really special. I came to school really feeling bad because one of my friends won't be able to go to school becayse of rashes. Of all the days, why the 26th?? To my surprise, they "hid" her pala and yun. The real blast startednin Engish, when Jobel said a prayer for me and everybody sang "Happy Birthday". I felt sooo happy. I even wanted to cry (tears of joy!). They gave me balloons, flowers (note: PINK flowers), crinkles (wheee!), ice cream, notebooks, pink stuff and a box with special trinkets in it. They even gave me a small rattle doll and a Sleeping Beauty storybook. Awww! People greeted me along the corridor, and everything about that day was almost-perfect. I then realized how lucky I really am. Like I said before, I really don't see myself as a goody-goody person with matching perfect smile and all. But lasy Wednesday, I almost felt like I am. My friends showed me how special I really am, and though I may not be perfect they love me, imperfections and all. Thank you to all those who greeted me, went out of their way for me and even those who just thought of me that day. Kisses to all of you!

I'm leaving for Thailand tomorrow. I'm sooo excited! It's the new shopping paradise! Whoo. My flight's at around ten I think. Wow. I think it's my lolo's and my late birthday gift. Heehee. I can't wait!! I'll be back by the 1st or the 2nd, I think. Bangkok, here I come!!

I finished reading my gift already. My lola gave me Gossip Girl 3 for my birthday and just yesterday, I finished it already!! Wahaah. I'm such a bookworm. But that's how it really is for me. When I really like a book, I'll not put it down until my eyes go puffy and my stomach grumbles. Hehe. The story was still kind of bitin, but I'm glad about the turnout of some events. Heehee. I'm so excited to buy the next one. What, with all the birthday moola I got, why not?

I'm listening to my new Spongecola CD. Good things happen to those who are last. You might be thinking, "What? She only got Sponge now?!" but I'm actually proud of my copy because it's got a second CD with the Gemini video and remastered versions of their other songs. Cool, right? Lesson of the Day: Wait. Haha.

So I guess that's it for now. This keyboard really gives me the pain in the.. fingers. Ack. By the way, belated Happy Bithrday to Janine, who's birthday was also on the 26th! And again, love to all those who greeted and visited. Take care everyone. Enjoy the sem break.


"i know i can never be enough to replace your whatever.."
- Neon by Spongecola