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bounce, bounce.

wow, i never knew quite a number of people read my previous post! haha. ohwell, I was being a drama queen.

Waddup with moi? I think I'm getting tired with the layout. I dunno. I love Miss Piggy, but I just think this one's crap. I miss Bittersweet.

Anyway enough about that. I've been accepted as an official cheerleader for the Pink team! ♥ Yipee! Just hearing the word "official" makes me all important. I'm doing it with Jen and Nikki. Whoopee! I'm so excited. The Intrams season IS really here. And I'm welcoming it with open arms.

Not much time to post today, takas lang. Just finished doing HW in Socsci.

ay singit lang, may joke ako from Hope:
Q: Anong hayop ang mahilig sa brief?
A: Edi bird!
Haha. Ick. Laughtrip.

Advanced happy birthday to Nica on the 3rd!! :) Whee.
And also to all the other December celebrants out there. :p

Gotta run. Love lots. xoxoxo.

"sweet like candy to my soul, sweet you rock and sweet you roll.."


compliment overload.

I never thought such a thing exists until it happened to me.

Most people love receiving compliments, and I would be a hypocrite if I say I don't. Seriously, when I receive compliments such as "You're pretty," or "Ganda mo talaga," or "I think you're really nice," or something like that, it makes my face red and my ear heat up. I'm flattered. And it makes me smile.

But too much of something is not good.

Everyone keeps on complimenting me on my new bangs and straight hair. And I will be honest, I had it rebonded. I was so jealous of my mom who had her hair rebonded some months back so i decided to get mine done too. And now, it's softer, smoother, easier to manage.. you get the point. I mean, yeah I do look better and I feel great about it. I like it. I like receiving compliments because of it. But what if the conversation goes like this?

Situation 1: A friend walks up to you with a smile on her face.
Person: Ganda ng hair naten ha? Pina-rebond mo?
Me: Hinde, shinampoo ko lang yan.
Person: Di nga?
Me: Hinde, ni-rebond nga.
Person: (smile suddenly disappears) Ay, sayang ang ganda pa naman ng buhok mo dati. Hindi kaya masira yan after a few months? Parang kay *tooot*?

Situation 2: You're talking to a friend during recess.
Me: Sige na nga I'll tell you the truth. Nagpa-rebond ako.
Person: Ha? Nagpa-rebond ka?
Me: (nods)
Person: (with a big smirk on her face, parang I killed someone) Bakit?!?!

Well sorry if I wanted to look prettier. Sorry if I can't stand the fly-aways anymore. Sorry if I think I look better with straight hair than my usual sometimes-wavy-sometimes-undefinable hair. YES I HAD MY HAIR REBONDED. Does that make me less of a person? Just this morning my dad kept saying how smooth and silky and black my hair is, in a very very very sarcastic tone. What's up with that? So I spend a few thousand bucks on my hair. I saved for it. Yes, I actually did. And it makes me feel better that I spent my money on something that would make me feel good. Is that wrong? I mean, what's wrong with a little pampering? I know most of you will say, "Yuck, fake pala hair ni Karla." Well let me tell you what's fake. At least I did it because I liked it, not because everyone else is doing it. If I did it to become popular, well why have it rebonded? It's so last season. the waves are in now. But I still pushed through with it because I know I look good with straight hair. And FYI, I promised myself to save up for the treatments every 3 months or so to actually maintain it, and not let it be like *toooot*'s hair.

Haaay. There I've done it. So if you ever plan on complimenting me sarcastically, well don't. Because I could just explode right in front of you. Compliments are supposed to be NICE, not an insult in disguise.

The vaccine pushed through. Ack. My left bicep is aching like someone punched me. And my flour-filled balloon popped. :( Boo hoo.

Love to all who loved my hair. :)

"And I really really really care
And I really really really want you
And I think I'm kinda scared
'Cause I don't want to lose you.."


what a parallelogram taught me.

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Properties of A Parallelogram
1. Consecutive angles are supplementary.
2. Opposite angles are equal.
3. Diagonals bisect each other.
4. Opposite sides are parallel.
5. Opposite sides are equal.

Once again Geometry has taken over me. I was reviewing my notes, trying to memorize these properties when something just popped out of my head. I found an easier and well, alternative way of making them stay in my head. Comparing them to a bigger and more realistic geometry notebook: life.

Consecutive angles are supplementary.
We all supplement each other at times, emotionally, physically. There will always be people who will complete us, who will make us whole, a perfect 180. It doesn't have to be only one person. There are people who will always be there for us, to fill in our weaknesses, to give us strentgths, to make us realize how incomplete everything will be without us. We tend to overlook these "supplements", thinking that they are somewhere else in the world, probably the biggest superstar or the unreachable heartthrob not knowing that the very person who will make us whole just might be the person sitting right next to us.

Opposite angles are equal.
People have different opinions on things. Different views, perceptions, ideas. And sometimes, these beliefs are so strong that we tend to judge other people who do not think like us. We call them stupid or idiots. We think that we are more superior simply because our opinion is either more popular or more believable. But people see things differently, from all angles. I sometimes (SOMETIMES, ok? I'm not that harsh) tend to make others feel inferior simply because they don't agree with what I say. And, when I think about it, it sucks. We are all equal, whatever our choices are. So yes, I agree to disagree and it's good.

Diagonals bisect each other.
I guess there will always come a time in our lives when we cross paths with someone that will forever become our best friend. Someone that will finish our sentences, someone that will understand how we feel just by looking at us, someone you share your secrets to, someone you tease with, someone who you can consider your long-lost sister. One minute you can be exactly the same, and so different the next. Your friendship doesn't only form "congruent segments" but also vertical angles. Opinions that may be different but nevertheless still makes you stick together like glue. Everybody, showyour besty some love!

Opposite sides are parallel and Opposite sides are equal.
I guess this is the hardest and the most difficult yet. No matter how hard it is to accept this fact, I just have to. We may be opposites but we are still equal. Yes. I am equal to my enemy. I am parallel to my enemy. I stand on the same ground as hers. She backstabbed me, but I also backstabbed her. She hated me, and I hated her as well. I may not forget what she did to me, but I have to accept the fact that she is still there, living and breathing, just opposite me and we are actually equal. Congruent. Hurts, but true.

How's that for a review?! Good luck na lang kung may quiz.
Got to go get my vaccine. Yikes.
BTW, I'm one month old today!
Love to all, except to those who don't want to be loved.

"you're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be.."


ever after.

I tried out for cheerleading today. Ooh, man I hope I get in! I mean, I really like being a cheerleader. I'm born for it! Haha. No, but seriously, I love these kind of stuff. When you cheer for your team, lead the pep squad, think of actions, and actually have lots of fun while doing it.. it makes my adrenaline rush. This is really it, I can feel the Intrams spirit in the air. Haay. And it makes me all excited.

I'm liking Biology these days. We're tackling genetics, and surprisingly I'm hooked. It's actually fun doing the Punnett square and identifying phenotypes, genotypes and probabilities. And I actually UNDERSTAND it. But still, nothing beats Geometry. I still like math better than science. (Oh geez, I am such a geek!)

Okay, sorry for that nerdy part. Anyway, today I can say I am in bliss. Yes, I am very happy indeed. So far everything's been going well. Grades are good, social life is okay, it's as if everything is in their right places again. The order has been disturbed but thankfully, it has been restored. And nothing beats a happy ending. Maybe that's why I hold on to fairy tales that much. Because a part of me believes and knows that happily-ever-afters do happen. Of course, not really "ever after" but you get what I mean. I think these make me sane. Insanity keeps me sane. Haha, ironic. I mean, most people my age would probably never even look at princesses or fairies anymore, but me I just love the thought of pixie dust, magic, cheerful stories, sentiments that leave a smile on my face. But note, I'm not childish.. I prefer child-like.

Haaay. I suddenly ran out of things to say! Oh well. I'll blog on more sensible things this weekend. Love to those who tagged.

"i believe in ever after with you.."


loving miss piggy.

Yaay! New layout! Miss Piggy really rocks. I wish I could be more like Miss Piggy. She knows she's a star and she knows how to flaunt it. She believes that she's a diva that's why she sparkles. I wish I had THAT confidence. I mean, we do like to shine sometimes, right? In our own way, we want to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Stand out as ourselves and not as someone else. Miss Piggy is a goddess personified. And look, she got Kermit head-over-heels in love with her! Hah. Rude Awakening: Believe you're a goddess and everyone will see it.

I already watched Harry potter 4 yesterday and to say it was good would be an understatement. It was fantastic! Reading the book AND watching the movie made it spectacular. Goblet of Fire is my favorite among all the HP books, and I must say the director and cast has done a really great job. Though not all the chapters were covered and some parts were bitin, I can still say that it was superb. Daniel Radcliffe was cute. But not as hot as Cedric Diggory! Total cutie!! Man, for a moment I wished I was Cho Chang. Too bad he had to die. Why?! Why take away the good-looking ones?! Haha. I can pretty much say that the trio (Dan, Rupert and Emma) have really grown up along with the characters. It's as if they're one with them already. Kudos to the people behind Goblet of Fire! I give you a 9.5/10! (Cedric died, eh!)

I can say that I'm still a kid, really. Why? First, I still believe in fairy tales and princesses. Second, I still watch kiddie shows. And third, I still can't resist looking and wishing for Bratz or MyScene or Barbie dolls. Everytime I see a Polly Pocket or a Disney Princess one, I wish that if I was good enough, Santa would still drop by my house and give it to me even if I'm too old. Just today, I saw the most adorable doll(s) I have ever seen: The Little Disney Princess AND Prince set! I can't believe it! Last year, I got the Little Princess (Sleeping Beauty), who by the way still sleeps with me, and the thought of seeing it with a Prince made my heart leap! It was too cute to be true. A doll prince. Sigh. Am I going out of my mind? Maybe I really am a 7-year-old trapped in a 14-year-old girl's body. Poor soul. If only people aren't too discriminating (surely you'd make fun of me) and money isn't too hard to get, I'd definitely buy that. Are you there, Santa? It's me, Karla. :)

About the "bring a picture of your enemy" thing, I decided to print a picture of Malificent. She may not BE my enemy, but she symbolizes people who make my life miserable. People who disguise themselves as nice persons but end up doing things to pull you down. Sucks, right? Good thing fairy tales have happy endings. I wonder who will kiss me in the end?!

Enough about daydreaming, I still have some homeworks to do. Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend. Thanks to those who commented and tagged. You know who you are.

Love to all. ♥

"Akin ka na lang, iingatan ko ang puso mo.. akin ka na lang, at wala ng hihigit pa sa 'yo"


can't think of a title. haha.

Swimming class today! Yipee! It started out a little rocky but it ended great! It was fun. The water was so cold and my hand was actually freezing and turning numb. My nails were almost gray and I was literally shivering (with matching gritting teeth and all). I've always loved swimming. It's like an escape to reality. If only I could just swim through my problems.. haay.
Our topic in CL is loving your enemies. Obviously it's very easy because tawagan namin ni Hope (my best friend) is Enemy. Haha. Our activity for Monday is to bring a picture or symbol of our enemies and we will hit them with darts! Yaay! That would be fun. But really, how do you love your enemy?! I was reading our book when I came across a statement that said, "Loving your enemy is not a feeling but a commitment." What the hell? I am not even committed to anyone, but I have to be committed to someone I actually hate! thinking about it, I wanted to scream out loud and tear the book up, but of course the little miss nice in me took over and I was able to control myself. It's hard you know, especially if you've actually stamped it on your mind and heart that you despise this person. And it really isn't easy. Especially for someone like me, who just can't forget things and let them go. I wonder how I'll get through this stage? Waaah.
Oh my godh, the frogs are at it again! My yaya is watching Extra Challenge and I can hear the contestants (Ruffa, Donita and Jasmine) shouting as they catch frogs or should I say, toads with BARE HANDS! I can so relate to them! Kadiri. Now it's giving me the creeps.
Makita Kang Muli is such a nice song. It really hit me when I heard it for the first time. I definitely agree that it's one of the best OPM songs ever. It's so straight-to-the-point. It's so sweet and romantic. And what would be nicer is if someone you really love actually sings it to you with matching guitar and all.. harana? Haaay. Nux, I'm off to dreamland again.
I miss Thailand.
BTW, I answered the Ask Karla already. Check it out in the NavBar.
Love to all.


The Intramurals Theorem.

GIVEN: Practices started, excited faces and non-stop driving down to memory lane.
PROVE: The magic of the Intramurals.

Meeting of the colors for Intrams has just started today and of course, I am once again raising the flag of the PINK team. (Woohoo! Hurrah!) This means feeling the team spirit, cheering, playing, having fun, the "non-vacation vacation" (new word!) from school. But this also means shortening of classes, squeezing of lessons and rushing of projects. In a Paulinian's life, this is the part of the school year when everything is a buzz, literally, emotionally, mentally and physically. The words busy, stressed, hectic and tired are usually heard as well as astig, fun and laugh trip. It is the period of sweat-slash-smiles, tears-slash-laughter and cries-slash-cheers. This is the time wherein all faces thicken (haha!) and all people come out of their shells. The most exciting part of the year has finally arrived, and it is greatly anticipated just as much as the HP Goblet of Fire. Welcome to the Intramurals/Field Day Season.

It is true that these are the most exhausting months of a student's year, but alas, it is also the most memorable and most exciting. One can go through high school forgetting about mini-tournaments or get-togethers but no one can ever forget this treasured "week of pure bliss." Concerts, fairs, games, booths, music, jamming, cheering, bonding, pictures, championships.. aaah. Just thinking about it makes my heart go, "Go Pink! Go Pink! P-I-N-K Pink!" Beautiful and happy memories from this time of year are always treasured and cherished. When one hears the word "Intrams", you can immediately see the spark on her eyes or the hidden smile on her lips. This is the magic and mystery of this season. But why? Why?

Geometry has definitely got me logically thinking even on this topic. I was sitting on my bed the other night when I suddenly thought of things that might PROVE this so-called "magic" of Intrams. (Haha, geom freak) First and foremost, there are no classes. Enough said. Second, it is the only time of the year wherein we can actually make noise and laugh our hearts out. We can shout in the corridors, sing in the campus, and wear colored clips. We can sit in the grounds and do whatever stuff you like to do, and your teachers will only look at you. Haha. Third, we get to mingle with other people. Though this might not be such a good reason for anti-socials, this is a very good opportunity to unleash our social butterflies. No one will ever care whether you are that class president, campus heartthrob or the sporty chick. All that matters is that you belong in one team and you must all work together to garner as many points as possible. Fourth, the concerts! My, my, how can we forget this? Two years ago: Kyla and True Faith, last year: Rivermaya and now: HALE! Oh my gosh! I know they're not as hot anymore but to me, they are still the number one OPM band in my heart (followed by Spongecola. Heehee.) And not only that, rumors are spreading that there would be TWO concerts this year!! Can you believe it? Fifth, the rides! Yipee! I find pleasure in the chubibo and the caterpillar. Haha. It makes me feel like a kid again. Add dirty ice cream and cotton candy, and we're all set: campus carnival! And sixth, it is just plain FUN. Everything is fun, everyone is happy. From the outside looking in, it might just be another sports week but to me, to Paulinians, it definitely means alot. You see, we're little girls trapped in a convent school who yearn for these kind of events. We look forward to opportunities to shine and show the world how talented we all are. We know how to have fun, we party and we rock! The intrams is one of the few events we just DON'T miss out. So yes, this "week" is not just something we spontaneously do or think of the last minute. It requires months of preparation, tireless practices and definitely memorable moments.

PROVEN: The Intramurals Theorem.

"Set to fly Pterosaura, conquer the heavens once again.."


i don't want to be.

I was not able to blog for such a long time, I feel like I forgot what I'm supposed to say already! Haha. Is that bad?

Bangkok really was a shopper's paradise. Everything, and I mean everything was there! From shoes, to bags, to skirts, to shirts to earrings.. you cannot leave Bangkok without purchasing more items than you expected. The hotel we stayed in was really good, we even had Franklin Drilon in the room in front of us. Wow, talk about cool. We met up with my Tita's Thai friends, Muukda and Surapon. They were really very nice and friendly. Thailand was a little bit similar to the Philippines, but it was a little advanced and people were actually very nice and sweet. I specifically enjoyed riding the tuk-tuk! It was so cool! And take this, every night of the trip, we visited the Suan-Lum Night Market, and every night we bought something new! We also went to the Grand Palace through the ferry boat and I swear I enjoyed the ride! The only glitch is, it was 33 degrees Celcius and boy I really got tired. Everyday was really a shopping day for us, what with all my titas and my lola and my mom.. you can certainly be sure of a shopaholic treat! Anyway, I was glad with everything I bought especially this Sleeping Beauty shirt at Central. It was soooo cool. But my best buys are the big Audrey Hepburn shades at MBK and the wrap-around skirt at Chatuchak. All in all, the trip was great and I'll definitely go back to Bangkok!! :)

These days I've been really addicted to One Tree Hill especially Nathan and Haley! Okay so I do not watch on ETC since we only had it a few months ago. I do watch on Star World and even though it's way back on the real airing, I still watch it because hey, I soo love it! I can feel like I can really relate to them. I actually like it better than the OC (no offense). And of course what makes me want to yearn for it is the Nathan and Haley team up. They look so good together! :p And James Lafferty is so HOT! Sizzling! I wish I was Haley. Hehe. Anyway, I'm looking forward to my Dad buying me the complete first season and of course, Wednesday nights on Star World. "I don't want to be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately.."

The Long Test is finally over! Whew! I can't believe it's almost the end of the third quarter already. Time flies by so fast. Next thing we know, we're juniors already! It felt like only yesterday when I stepped into the new world of sophomore-hood, and soon I'll be saying goodbye to it. It also means having to choose my career and course already! Ack! *hyperventilates* I am so not ready yet. Nevertheless, I've still got about 5 months to enjoy theorems, chemical equations, significant figures and genetics galore. Haaay.

I'm so thankful to God for giving me another good fruit from my hard labor (here we go again with the fruits and labor thing!) this quarter. Second year has really been a tough year for me, but I'm glad I'm still able to balance everything. I admit I'm having problems in school, at home and sometimes with friends but I'm glad that despite all these I was able to manage and cope up with school. Thank you, Papa God!

Have you ever done something you have only seen in movies and never thought you could do in real life? Like you know, running after the one you love or something? Just a thought.

I think I'll be changing my layout soon. Love to all. *mwaah*

"Ipaglalaban ko ang ating pag-ibig.. maghintay ka lamang, ako'y darating.."



Hey guys I'm officially back! Our DSL is finally fixed. But unfortunately for me, I can't blog now since I have lots of stuff to do. I have to study for the Long Test, finish projects.. you get what I mean. So I'll just tell you all about Thailand later. By the way, it rocked!

Thanks again to all those who visited and greeted me. I'll get back to you guys as soon as I finish everything. Love to all.

I have to go, I'm late.. for reality. -- A Cinderella Story.