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bounce, bounce.

wow, i never knew quite a number of people read my previous post! haha. ohwell, I was being a drama queen.

Waddup with moi? I think I'm getting tired with the layout. I dunno. I love Miss Piggy, but I just think this one's crap. I miss Bittersweet.

Anyway enough about that. I've been accepted as an official cheerleader for the Pink team! ♥ Yipee! Just hearing the word "official" makes me all important. I'm doing it with Jen and Nikki. Whoopee! I'm so excited. The Intrams season IS really here. And I'm welcoming it with open arms.

Not much time to post today, takas lang. Just finished doing HW in Socsci.

ay singit lang, may joke ako from Hope:
Q: Anong hayop ang mahilig sa brief?
A: Edi bird!
Haha. Ick. Laughtrip.

Advanced happy birthday to Nica on the 3rd!! :) Whee.
And also to all the other December celebrants out there. :p

Gotta run. Love lots. xoxoxo.

"sweet like candy to my soul, sweet you rock and sweet you roll.."