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can't think of a title. haha.

Swimming class today! Yipee! It started out a little rocky but it ended great! It was fun. The water was so cold and my hand was actually freezing and turning numb. My nails were almost gray and I was literally shivering (with matching gritting teeth and all). I've always loved swimming. It's like an escape to reality. If only I could just swim through my problems.. haay.
Our topic in CL is loving your enemies. Obviously it's very easy because tawagan namin ni Hope (my best friend) is Enemy. Haha. Our activity for Monday is to bring a picture or symbol of our enemies and we will hit them with darts! Yaay! That would be fun. But really, how do you love your enemy?! I was reading our book when I came across a statement that said, "Loving your enemy is not a feeling but a commitment." What the hell? I am not even committed to anyone, but I have to be committed to someone I actually hate! thinking about it, I wanted to scream out loud and tear the book up, but of course the little miss nice in me took over and I was able to control myself. It's hard you know, especially if you've actually stamped it on your mind and heart that you despise this person. And it really isn't easy. Especially for someone like me, who just can't forget things and let them go. I wonder how I'll get through this stage? Waaah.
Oh my godh, the frogs are at it again! My yaya is watching Extra Challenge and I can hear the contestants (Ruffa, Donita and Jasmine) shouting as they catch frogs or should I say, toads with BARE HANDS! I can so relate to them! Kadiri. Now it's giving me the creeps.
Makita Kang Muli is such a nice song. It really hit me when I heard it for the first time. I definitely agree that it's one of the best OPM songs ever. It's so straight-to-the-point. It's so sweet and romantic. And what would be nicer is if someone you really love actually sings it to you with matching guitar and all.. harana? Haaay. Nux, I'm off to dreamland again.
I miss Thailand.
BTW, I answered the Ask Karla already. Check it out in the NavBar.
Love to all.