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ever after.

I tried out for cheerleading today. Ooh, man I hope I get in! I mean, I really like being a cheerleader. I'm born for it! Haha. No, but seriously, I love these kind of stuff. When you cheer for your team, lead the pep squad, think of actions, and actually have lots of fun while doing it.. it makes my adrenaline rush. This is really it, I can feel the Intrams spirit in the air. Haay. And it makes me all excited.

I'm liking Biology these days. We're tackling genetics, and surprisingly I'm hooked. It's actually fun doing the Punnett square and identifying phenotypes, genotypes and probabilities. And I actually UNDERSTAND it. But still, nothing beats Geometry. I still like math better than science. (Oh geez, I am such a geek!)

Okay, sorry for that nerdy part. Anyway, today I can say I am in bliss. Yes, I am very happy indeed. So far everything's been going well. Grades are good, social life is okay, it's as if everything is in their right places again. The order has been disturbed but thankfully, it has been restored. And nothing beats a happy ending. Maybe that's why I hold on to fairy tales that much. Because a part of me believes and knows that happily-ever-afters do happen. Of course, not really "ever after" but you get what I mean. I think these make me sane. Insanity keeps me sane. Haha, ironic. I mean, most people my age would probably never even look at princesses or fairies anymore, but me I just love the thought of pixie dust, magic, cheerful stories, sentiments that leave a smile on my face. But note, I'm not childish.. I prefer child-like.

Haaay. I suddenly ran out of things to say! Oh well. I'll blog on more sensible things this weekend. Love to those who tagged.

"i believe in ever after with you.."