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The Intramurals Theorem.

GIVEN: Practices started, excited faces and non-stop driving down to memory lane.
PROVE: The magic of the Intramurals.

Meeting of the colors for Intrams has just started today and of course, I am once again raising the flag of the PINK team. (Woohoo! Hurrah!) This means feeling the team spirit, cheering, playing, having fun, the "non-vacation vacation" (new word!) from school. But this also means shortening of classes, squeezing of lessons and rushing of projects. In a Paulinian's life, this is the part of the school year when everything is a buzz, literally, emotionally, mentally and physically. The words busy, stressed, hectic and tired are usually heard as well as astig, fun and laugh trip. It is the period of sweat-slash-smiles, tears-slash-laughter and cries-slash-cheers. This is the time wherein all faces thicken (haha!) and all people come out of their shells. The most exciting part of the year has finally arrived, and it is greatly anticipated just as much as the HP Goblet of Fire. Welcome to the Intramurals/Field Day Season.

It is true that these are the most exhausting months of a student's year, but alas, it is also the most memorable and most exciting. One can go through high school forgetting about mini-tournaments or get-togethers but no one can ever forget this treasured "week of pure bliss." Concerts, fairs, games, booths, music, jamming, cheering, bonding, pictures, championships.. aaah. Just thinking about it makes my heart go, "Go Pink! Go Pink! P-I-N-K Pink!" Beautiful and happy memories from this time of year are always treasured and cherished. When one hears the word "Intrams", you can immediately see the spark on her eyes or the hidden smile on her lips. This is the magic and mystery of this season. But why? Why?

Geometry has definitely got me logically thinking even on this topic. I was sitting on my bed the other night when I suddenly thought of things that might PROVE this so-called "magic" of Intrams. (Haha, geom freak) First and foremost, there are no classes. Enough said. Second, it is the only time of the year wherein we can actually make noise and laugh our hearts out. We can shout in the corridors, sing in the campus, and wear colored clips. We can sit in the grounds and do whatever stuff you like to do, and your teachers will only look at you. Haha. Third, we get to mingle with other people. Though this might not be such a good reason for anti-socials, this is a very good opportunity to unleash our social butterflies. No one will ever care whether you are that class president, campus heartthrob or the sporty chick. All that matters is that you belong in one team and you must all work together to garner as many points as possible. Fourth, the concerts! My, my, how can we forget this? Two years ago: Kyla and True Faith, last year: Rivermaya and now: HALE! Oh my gosh! I know they're not as hot anymore but to me, they are still the number one OPM band in my heart (followed by Spongecola. Heehee.) And not only that, rumors are spreading that there would be TWO concerts this year!! Can you believe it? Fifth, the rides! Yipee! I find pleasure in the chubibo and the caterpillar. Haha. It makes me feel like a kid again. Add dirty ice cream and cotton candy, and we're all set: campus carnival! And sixth, it is just plain FUN. Everything is fun, everyone is happy. From the outside looking in, it might just be another sports week but to me, to Paulinians, it definitely means alot. You see, we're little girls trapped in a convent school who yearn for these kind of events. We look forward to opportunities to shine and show the world how talented we all are. We know how to have fun, we party and we rock! The intrams is one of the few events we just DON'T miss out. So yes, this "week" is not just something we spontaneously do or think of the last minute. It requires months of preparation, tireless practices and definitely memorable moments.

PROVEN: The Intramurals Theorem.

"Set to fly Pterosaura, conquer the heavens once again.."