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loving miss piggy.

Yaay! New layout! Miss Piggy really rocks. I wish I could be more like Miss Piggy. She knows she's a star and she knows how to flaunt it. She believes that she's a diva that's why she sparkles. I wish I had THAT confidence. I mean, we do like to shine sometimes, right? In our own way, we want to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Stand out as ourselves and not as someone else. Miss Piggy is a goddess personified. And look, she got Kermit head-over-heels in love with her! Hah. Rude Awakening: Believe you're a goddess and everyone will see it.

I already watched Harry potter 4 yesterday and to say it was good would be an understatement. It was fantastic! Reading the book AND watching the movie made it spectacular. Goblet of Fire is my favorite among all the HP books, and I must say the director and cast has done a really great job. Though not all the chapters were covered and some parts were bitin, I can still say that it was superb. Daniel Radcliffe was cute. But not as hot as Cedric Diggory! Total cutie!! Man, for a moment I wished I was Cho Chang. Too bad he had to die. Why?! Why take away the good-looking ones?! Haha. I can pretty much say that the trio (Dan, Rupert and Emma) have really grown up along with the characters. It's as if they're one with them already. Kudos to the people behind Goblet of Fire! I give you a 9.5/10! (Cedric died, eh!)

I can say that I'm still a kid, really. Why? First, I still believe in fairy tales and princesses. Second, I still watch kiddie shows. And third, I still can't resist looking and wishing for Bratz or MyScene or Barbie dolls. Everytime I see a Polly Pocket or a Disney Princess one, I wish that if I was good enough, Santa would still drop by my house and give it to me even if I'm too old. Just today, I saw the most adorable doll(s) I have ever seen: The Little Disney Princess AND Prince set! I can't believe it! Last year, I got the Little Princess (Sleeping Beauty), who by the way still sleeps with me, and the thought of seeing it with a Prince made my heart leap! It was too cute to be true. A doll prince. Sigh. Am I going out of my mind? Maybe I really am a 7-year-old trapped in a 14-year-old girl's body. Poor soul. If only people aren't too discriminating (surely you'd make fun of me) and money isn't too hard to get, I'd definitely buy that. Are you there, Santa? It's me, Karla. :)

About the "bring a picture of your enemy" thing, I decided to print a picture of Malificent. She may not BE my enemy, but she symbolizes people who make my life miserable. People who disguise themselves as nice persons but end up doing things to pull you down. Sucks, right? Good thing fairy tales have happy endings. I wonder who will kiss me in the end?!

Enough about daydreaming, I still have some homeworks to do. Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend. Thanks to those who commented and tagged. You know who you are.

Love to all. ♥

"Akin ka na lang, iingatan ko ang puso mo.. akin ka na lang, at wala ng hihigit pa sa 'yo"