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what a parallelogram taught me.

Properties of A Parallelogram
1. Consecutive angles are supplementary.
2. Opposite angles are equal.
3. Diagonals bisect each other.
4. Opposite sides are parallel.
5. Opposite sides are equal.

Once again Geometry has taken over me. I was reviewing my notes, trying to memorize these properties when something just popped out of my head. I found an easier and well, alternative way of making them stay in my head. Comparing them to a bigger and more realistic geometry notebook: life.

Consecutive angles are supplementary.
We all supplement each other at times, emotionally, physically. There will always be people who will complete us, who will make us whole, a perfect 180. It doesn't have to be only one person. There are people who will always be there for us, to fill in our weaknesses, to give us strentgths, to make us realize how incomplete everything will be without us. We tend to overlook these "supplements", thinking that they are somewhere else in the world, probably the biggest superstar or the unreachable heartthrob not knowing that the very person who will make us whole just might be the person sitting right next to us.

Opposite angles are equal.
People have different opinions on things. Different views, perceptions, ideas. And sometimes, these beliefs are so strong that we tend to judge other people who do not think like us. We call them stupid or idiots. We think that we are more superior simply because our opinion is either more popular or more believable. But people see things differently, from all angles. I sometimes (SOMETIMES, ok? I'm not that harsh) tend to make others feel inferior simply because they don't agree with what I say. And, when I think about it, it sucks. We are all equal, whatever our choices are. So yes, I agree to disagree and it's good.

Diagonals bisect each other.
I guess there will always come a time in our lives when we cross paths with someone that will forever become our best friend. Someone that will finish our sentences, someone that will understand how we feel just by looking at us, someone you share your secrets to, someone you tease with, someone who you can consider your long-lost sister. One minute you can be exactly the same, and so different the next. Your friendship doesn't only form "congruent segments" but also vertical angles. Opinions that may be different but nevertheless still makes you stick together like glue. Everybody, showyour besty some love!

Opposite sides are parallel and Opposite sides are equal.
I guess this is the hardest and the most difficult yet. No matter how hard it is to accept this fact, I just have to. We may be opposites but we are still equal. Yes. I am equal to my enemy. I am parallel to my enemy. I stand on the same ground as hers. She backstabbed me, but I also backstabbed her. She hated me, and I hated her as well. I may not forget what she did to me, but I have to accept the fact that she is still there, living and breathing, just opposite me and we are actually equal. Congruent. Hurts, but true.

How's that for a review?! Good luck na lang kung may quiz.
Got to go get my vaccine. Yikes.
BTW, I'm one month old today!
Love to all, except to those who don't want to be loved.

"you're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be.."