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still in love.

I'm back and Tree Hill-ed. Haha. So far I've finished Season One and it was goooood. We went to Festival yesterday. I bought celebrity magazines at Book Sale, hoping and wishing that one of them would have James Lafferty in it. The first two were full of Chad posters. No offense to his fans, but it's pretty tiring to always see his face. When I picked up the third mag, to my surprise there are OTH Behind the Scenes and a James Lafferty poster!!! Wow. I was so thrilled! And it even had his address in it. Well not his residential address, but the one wherein you get to send your fan mail (in my case, love letters), haha. Cool. Man, he's hot. Hotter than Christian Bale (aka Bruce Wayne). I suddenly remembered that my mom showed me a picture of Dustin Hoffman, when he was in his 20s I think, and it had a dedication which said, "To Ana Marie, Love Dustin Hoffman." Amazing, right? My mom also had celebrity crushes before and when she asked for their pictures (of course with the help of the addresses in the magazines.. she really is my mom :p), they actually send one! Which brings my hopes up that maybe, just maybe, James Lafferty will take the time to read my letter and send me his autograph, though I wish he could send himself instead. I mean, probably most of his letters come from girls in the US and I come from the Philippines so that would hopefully increase my chances, right? He might get interested and try to find me and fly here to Manila and when he finds out I'm only in high school he still marries me because anyway, he married Haley when they were Juniors. Haha. I really have to stop now.

In a few days, I'd be wearing that uniform again, walking in the same halls and spending my weeks in the place called school. I can't believe that after only three months and 2 major tests, it'll be summer and after that I'd be in third year. Wow. Ten years in St. Paul already? But I can still remember the day in Kinder I, when I met my best-friend-slash-best-enemy Hope. Who would've thought we'd still be close now? And the years I've spent with Trixie, Nica, Mikka, Cathe, LA, Missy, Anile, Inna, Keng, Alyssa.. has it really been that long? I cannot believe it. And look, only a few more years and we'd be saying goodbye to the place that nurtured and took care of us. Okay, I'm being all dramatic again. Sure I hate "tipol" when we are loaded with projects and nasty teachers. But this is the place we all LOVE to hate. Soon it will only be a memory. No more First Friday masses or chimes. I'm excited with college but I'll be carrying St. Paul with me forever. Until that day though, I will resent going to school! Haha. Kidding. Tamad pa ko pumasok eh.

Recently, I'm into wearing eyeliner. I don't know what got into me the day I bought my first eyeliner. Part of teenhood, I suppose? Naah. I'm guessing it's just vanity. So now I look like a punk/goth/rocker chick. Haha. But I must admit, I look hot. HAHA. My grandma said I looked cool. Now I'm thinking if she said that because I'm her granddaughter or it's true. Hmm. Hope it's the latter.

Got to go make my "fanmail." One Tree Hill, here I come!! :)
Love to all Nathan Scott! =]

"i'm gonna love you more than anyone.."


tutor girl.

Belated Merry Christmas and Advanced Happy New Year! :) I'm staying at my lola's house in Batangas this week so here I am in the nearby mall blogging. How can I NOT blog? Anyway, Christmas went really well as I got ALL the things in my wishlist! Yeeeees! One Tree Hill dvds for Season 1 AND 2 (talk about fantastic!), the next three books in the Gossip Girl series and yes, princess stuff. Plus something I really didn't expect. Havaianas!! Woohoo.

I met this guy one Tuesday, a few months back. He's hot, handsome, everybody wants him. I know his name and all but I really didn't care much about him until that Tuesday. It was love at first sight. That Saturday I saw him again and his smile.. oh God, how can you not fall in love with that smile? We agreed to meet the next Tuesday. He didn't fail me because on the following Tuesday I did see him again and he showed me how sweet he really is. After an hour, I was sure that I'm in love. Anyway, I didn't see him after that for a while but then I saw pictures of him! Lots and lots of pictures of him in yup, you guessed it, in the Internet. I started getting them like crazy. I love him and I even placed his picture secretly in my ID. I always made a way to see him every Tuesday. It was like a secret deal, that I HAD to see him. He's so gorgeous. I could marry him right then and there. And now, a few days after Christmas, I'm missing him and I can't get him off my head. Now I'm pretty sure you're all guessing who this lucky guy is. Haha. Anyway, I'll tell you but don't laugh okay?

Nathan Scott. OH MY GOD HE IS THE BOMB. I'm falling for him harder after every episode. He is waaaay hotter than Bruce Wayne or Cedric Diggory. I never had a celebrity crush like this before! I dream of him, I think of him, I love him! Sure I liked Champ or Drew Arellano, but you know I sort of forget about them. I don't get excited when I see them or I don't think of them when they're not there. But Nathan (aka James Lafferty)? I cannot even count how many times I closed my eyes and just wished that somehow, I could be Haley and we'll end up happily ever after. I love you, Nathan Scott!!!!!!!!

Speaking of Haley, I suddenly realized why of all the girls, I liked her best. Because I actually see myself in her. Okay, I'm not saying this just because I like Nathan but when I stop to think about it, I am Haley. I am never going to be the popular and bitchy queen Brooke is nor the tormented artist like Peyton. But I do tutor my classmates sometimes, especially in Geometry. :) Yeah, I know some of you might be protesting right now, but when I think about it, Haley is the closest I'll ever be to being Lil Miss Nice. I guess the only thing I need to 'practice' on to be more like Haley is when I try to always see the good in people. To not always judge people based on what others see or the first impression. And to actually make a difference. Like what she did to Nathan. Oh and of course, I need a Nathan to be a Haley. :D Haha. I'll be realistic, I'll never come close to being all the other celebrities I picture myself to be like Holly Golightly or Rachel Green. But I think I can be Haley James-Scott if I want to because after all, I am already a bit like her. Just a little more, Karla. :p

Okay all this One Tree Hill talk makes me sound like a geek. Well I have nothing better to do than watch it! And I'm loving every minute of it. Sigh. I sound really pathetic. Maybe I should stop thinking about Nathan and the rest of the Tree Hill people even just for a while? Hmm. *thinks about other things*

I can't. Nathan is too handsome to be forgotten. :p

Love to all. Hope you're enjoying your vacation. Mwaaaaaaah!

"So why can't forever start today?" -- Nathan


merry christmas!! :)

In only a few more hours, Santa will be riding his sleigh with his oh-so lovable reindeers, children worldwide will be waiting for their presents, moms and dads will be busy filling up socks and somewhere out there in a town called Paranaque, a little girl named Karla will be crossing her fingers that hopefully she is on Santa's List of Nice Kids and she'll be getting her One Tree Hill DVDs. Haha.

Wow I can't believe it's Christmas eve already. Time flies by soo fast. Sheesh. Talk about cliche. And I must admit, I really am excited. Just thinking about the food, the gifts and the smell of new crispy paper bills makes my heart go thump-thump! I have been thinking about these for weeks. They make me look forward to Christmas even more. The other night I was watching etc when I saw this commercial of a young boy, about five years old with a lymphatic disease. I wasn't sure what it was called but it looked serious. And yet the little boy was smiling in the picture as if not minding his very serioud illness. It made me cry big time. "This boy managed to smile and be happy despite his sickness," I thought. "And me? I get blackheads and I couldn't even smile for the camera." No, no, no, beauty is not my point. What I'm trying to say is that I, who have so much more, always complain and ask and complain and ask for things I don't really need. But that boy, who needs an operation and huge amounts of medication doesn't even say a word of irritation or anger. Instead, he smiles, a kind and sincere smile. A smile that can warm a thousand hearts like mine. How I wish I could help that boy if only I wasn't too busy crying that I didn't get to catch the number to call. Tsk, tsk. Anyway, after that dramatic moment I tuned back to the other show I was watching and fell asleep. But somehow, that boy stayed on my mind.

Sometimes, I get caught up with all the shopping, wrapping, buying and wishing (for gifts.. haha) that I forget what I am really preparing for. All this waiting and making a countdown actually stops me from thinking about who is coming. And that's Jesus. It is not wrong to give presents to people we love or to prepare food on our table but I'm glad that it wasn't too late when I realized that we don't do this to impress but to share the love that will come into the world through Jesus. It is a celebration of the coming of our Savior. I failed to see what Christmas truly is these past few weeks, what with all the giant boxes and large number of presents piling up under the tree. But I am thankful that somewhere out there, a little boy made me realize how lucky I am that I am loved, and that with this love I have, I can share it to others who need it more. I may not be able to deposit large amounts of money or give expensive gifts but I sure know what I'm going to give the less-fortunate this Christmas.. but I just ran into a problem. How do you gift wrap a prayer? :)

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy your holiday! God bless to you and your family.

"Hark the herald angels sing, glory to the newborn king!"


OTH syndrome.

Oh geez. I can't stop myself. I am officially addicted to One Tree Hill. I've been surfing Naley sites for hours, downloading icons like crazy, and oh just thinking about it makes me wanna go out the streets and scream, "I love you Nathaaaaaaaan!" But just before I go bonkers, I'd like to blog first, just in case I get caught up in my addiction later on.

I don't know why but somehow, OTH always makes a way to creep through my veins and make me excited. When I see pictures of them or read quotes about them, I don't know, I just go berserk. Next thing you know, I'll be marrying Nathan Scott and actually believe I'm Haley. Or I'll actually wake up and be best friends with Brooke or something. Whatever it is that's with One Tree Hill, it has surely gotten me. I LOOOOVE OTH! I better stop or I'll die out of too much adrenaline rush.

Two more days till Christmas. Wow. Talk about fast. I'm sick: cough and colds. Boo. Now I'm stuck at home, bonding with our PC instead of partying and shaking my booty. Fantastic isn't it? I wonder what gifts I'll be receiving this time? I do hope they're not default gifts like (oh the horror!) picture frames or *gasp* angel figurines. Please. I've had enough of those in the past 13 Christmases I've had. Yeah I know it's the thought that counts, pero I can't help but wonder if they really thought of me while buying that gift or they just had no choice. Wala ng maisip, eto na lang. Whatever. At least may gift. But still. Except for the picture frame Mikka gave me, (it was shaped like a crown and had the word Princess on it! :p) no more default gifts! Please.

1. One Tree Hill DVDs -- Waaaaaaah! I need this. Badly.
2. Gossip Girl second set -- oh geez I want this.
3. princess stuff -- yeah, anything princess and Aurora will do.
* I'm really not that hard to please, am I? :)

So that's just about it for now. My husband Nathan is calling for me. Yeah, right. Oh gahd, somebody snap me out of this insanity. Love to all.

Merry Christmas! :)

"I dare you to move, like today never happened, today never happened before.."


here comes the bride..

Yesterday was a blast. I can't believe that the wedding was over. I'm so happy for them. Congrats again, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Casimiro! Trixie, Nica and I went to the wedding courtesy of Nica's dad. We arrived quite early, around 2:00 because in the invitation it said 3:00. But of course, Filipino time, that's why it started at around 4:00. The chapel was nice. It was very peaceful. It looked like a giant kubo, there were trees everywhere and the seats were shaped like cut logs. It was so beautiful. The number of guests were quite few but it was picture perfect. We took pics using my phone so as not to kill ourselves out of boredom. When it was finally time for the bride to walk down the aisle, I could tell Miss Villapando (she's still a "miss" that time.. hehe) wanted to cry. She was so pretty. I wanted to cry too because I really am so happy that they ended up together. Sir Casimiro is lucky to have her. Anyway, the ceremony was short yet I felt magic in the air. Actually, we were laughing since the priest (let's not mention names, okay?) was singing and his voice was croaking and well, I just don't want to name who or what else made us laugh because they might come across this blog and kill me. Basta, we were quite noisy but we managed to hold back our laughs for a bit. :) In the end, we joined the picture taking along with some teachers and after that.. eating time!

The reception place was just beside the chapel, in Nature's Cafe. It was still a kubo, but it was nice. There were flowers and candles along the walkway, and to tell you honestly the food was good. When it was time to throw the bouquet, we (people from St. Paul) were all rooting for Ms. Toledo, our adviser because.. well later. The first throw was bitin so Mrs Casimiro (they're married na!) threw it again and this time Ms. Toledo just caught it with ease. Parang she was meant to get that. Then when it was time for the groom to throw the garter and guess who we were rooting for? Sir Santos! Yihee.. siyempre Sir Casimiro "purposely" threw the garter towards Sir Santos' direction and there! Perfect match! Why Ms. Toledo and Sir Santos? Well let's just say there's something fishy.. haha. Chismis. We left quite early nga, because we felt out of place already and we had to go back to Nica's house where we will be fetched. Aion.

Weddings always make me feel good. I don't know. Maybe because of its comforting and scary thought of having someone there for you not just for a couple of days or months but forever. It's also probably because I'm always fascinated by the fact that these two people met, fell in love and everything just fell into the right places. Despite all the hatred and wrath in the world, it's wonderful to know that you'll have someone to share all the happiness with you, to make your life colorful. It's magical, isn't it? I don't want to think of my wedding right this moment, though.. all I know is that it's going to be just like a fairy tale. I'm the princess bride. ;)

Wanna see all the pics?
Go here.

Wow, only a few more days till Christmas. Thanks to all who commented and tagged. Much love to you guys.

♥ Happy Holidays! :)

"in a world where everybody hates a happy ending story it's a wonder love can make the world go round.."


as long as i have you, i have everything.

New layout. My favorite, so far. Featuring of course the on-screen couple Nathan and Haley Scott of One Tree Hill (played by James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Lenz). Oh shux, kinikilig ako parati everytime I see them together! They're so sweet and perfect for each other. It's just that they make me believe in love. They make me FEEL in love. Just the thought of having one person there for you, who will do whatever it takes just to win your love, makes my heart melt. So there, the romantic side of me shows through. I'm so loving this layout. I got the image from daretomove and I coded the layout myself. I swear I never miss an opportunity to pass by this site everytime I surf the net and I always end up downloading icons, wallpapers.. ack. I really am addicted.

Went to mom's ofice today for their Christmas party. I just surfed the Internet there too. Everyone kept saying how pretty I have been (nux..) and how tall I am and how dalaga I am.. blah, blah. I was flattered of course but it made me think if what they were saying was true, a bola or they were just saying that because it's a must to say something like that to teens like me. Haha. Oh well, I choose to believe it's true. *wink*

Tomorrow is Sir Casimiro and Miss Villapando's wedding. I'm so excited for them. They are the best couple in school. Haha. They (especially Sir C) has always been there for me to advice me and guide me in school, more of like an older brother to me. Though it's been two years since I had him for a teacher, he never failed to remind me to focus on my studies and all. We grew really close specially when I stepped in high school because I'd always 'update' him with what's happening to me and everyone else. I'm sort of like his little sister already. I was supposed to be an abay but thanks to Sister *toot* who did not allow students to be part of the entourage, I was merely a guest. But I was still honored because I was the first ever to receive an invitation. :) Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Casimiro! Love to you guys. ♥

Got to go eat. Mwaaaah.

"sweet like candy to my soul, sweet you rock and sweet you roll.."


very, very happy feet.

This is a post of a pair of feet who got what they want when they least expected it.

Feet are meant to move a person from one place to another, to travel and discover new places. It is the body's means of transportation. Feet leave behind footsteps that makes people remember, feet are paired with shoes that makes them shine and feet have to be pampered. But this is not the case if you are owned by a 14-year-old high school student. You are stuck in white socks and dull black shoes for five days a week (sometimes 6), eight to ten hours a day. It's hot and though it is comfortable, we long for air and well, style. We have to admit though, our owner has a fetish for shoes. She loves shoes and she always make it a point to dress us up nicely (and we are thankful)but to the point where we get blisters or wounds just for the sake of beauty. It's a hard life. We don't even get foot spas or massages or whatever kind of pampering. Some say we are our owner's asset (aside from her hands and smile and skin :p) but it is hard keeping up with that teenaged brat. What we need is something that can make us feel comfortable, relaxed and fashionable as well, even for long hours of shopping or walking around.

Then comes Happy Feet, an old brand of bakya who made its comeback from the 70's. Our owner's titas even claimed owning one during their high school days (her mom didn't because she was flatfooted). Knowing our owner, she LONGED for a pair when she set her eyes on it because it was IN and we figured she knew that it was therapeutic as well. Relatives and even Karla herself promised to save for that "glorious pair." But it has been months since that day and our hopes were almost crashing because we knew that day would never come -- almost.

After a usual shopping spree, we were surprised when Karla's dad gave her mom money to buy her a pair of Happy Feet!! Wow. It was so amazing. It made us feel like stars. At first there were no sizes for the right colors, no designs for the right sizes.. it was a tough fight. But I guess Karla's strong urge to have a pair kept her fitting and fitting and fitting.. until she found the one As we tried it on, we felt as if heaven opened up and sang Alleluia with us. It was a great sigh of relief. Happy Feet is much cheaper than the other pairs she's been eyeing on yet for us, it is a much better choice. As we walked away from landmark, we felt as if we were gliding on air. It felt so great. It was a piece of heaven. And we had to admit, it was damn hot. We are superstars.

So yes, the long wait is finally over but the saying "You only want me when you can't have me," doesn't go for us because we want Happy Feet more and more every minute.

Happy and contented Feet: That's us with our new buddies.


So there. That was my day. I'm still wearing them now even though I'm only typing nonsense on our PC. I'm really happy today so nothing can stop me! :) Still got a lot going this week since tomorrow is our Christmas party, on Tuesday is Mom's Christmas Party at her office and on Wednesday is Sir C and Miss V's wedding. I'm soo excited for them! :)

Love to all the happy feet in the world. =]

"Coz you know I'd walk a thousand miles if I could just see you.."


beautiful as a dream.

Periodic Exams are finally over! Woohoo! Goodbye long nights of studying and hello long nights of blogging! Yipee. This is what I always love.. the hours and days after the exam. You feel so stress-free. Haha. This also means that the Christmas break has officially started. Well, not yet since we still have our Christmas party on Monday but what the heck, we're FREE!! :) I can feel the Christmas spirit in the air.

I've done some shopping today. I wasn't able to buy lots of things but I'm glad to say that I enjoyed LOOKING for things I wish I could buy. Haha. No, seriously I bought special gifts for special people. There, that's it. You know what, I've been really stressing on what gifts to buy for my acquaintances. I'm actually caught in a dilemma. It's too expensive if I buy them all but it would be mean if I don't. What if I just print them out a card or something? Would that be okay? Ack.

Beautiful as a dream. That's what I am. Joke! :p I saw this shirt at SM today with Aurora's picture and this quote. Of course I so wanted to buy it but: 1) It was too expensive and 2) I have no size (it's for kids). But nevertheless it stuck with me throughout the afternoon and I've come to realize how lucky I really am this year. Though I may not be a top student or a perfect little girl I can still say that this year was quite beautiful and full of blessings. I discovered my inner princess and realized how beautiful I really am. Though I have imperfections and shortcomings, I've come to know who loves me for who I am, the whole packaged deal. And so many other great things have happened to me. I cannot believe that 2005 passed by so quickly. Everything used to be a blur, but now things are finally becoming clearer. Life really is a fairy tale. All I have to do is wait for my happy ending.

Few more months to go, and hello Junior-hood! Haha. I can't believe I'm in high school for almost two years na! Experienced? Naaah. Enjoy the weekend.

P.S. Jal, sobrang enjoy ako. Thanks a lot. Mwaaaaaaaaaah. :)
"But it was you I wanted all along.." -- Nate from Gossip Girl


i'm in school!! hooray.

Can you believe that I'm blogging in school?! Haha. No, I'm not illegal. We're in the CAI Lab for our CL class and obviously I wouldn't miss the opportunity to blog. This is a first, man. Woohoo. We're supposed to be answering for questions but what the heck I could do that later. haha. So anyway, how am I? Geez, this is such an awkward moment, I have never surfed the Internet in school (basically because I didn't know we had Internet.. hehe). Thank God for CL. Nyeh. Pero di nga. Now if only we'll be doing this more often.. that would be awesome!!

Today started out really BAD. First, when I was about to reach school (I was walking) this car out of nowhere passed in front of me and splashed the water from the puddles in my shoes!! It was too late to go back to our house! Good thing my tissue was to the rescue and I have nothing to do but wipe it away. Ick. Then I found out that I lost my Chemistry assignment. Darn. And I was so proud of it because my dad knew all the kilowatts and I finished it quickly yesterday. But no, I think I forgot it at home and now I am homework-less. Bummer. I though this day was gonna end up pretty bad, but of course CL saved me. Thank you, thank you Miss! You may not be my favorite but you really made me happy today. Really. :)

Periodic Exams this week. Shucks. I'm soo not ready. I mean, yeah I started reviewing already but it's just so hard to put myself in "study mode" when all my systems are shouting "Christmas!!" But of course, I don't want to slack off or I might not be able to reap 'good fruits.' Anyway, stress is taking over me now but I vow myself not to let it get to me. Not to stop me from doing what I must do: study. For I am a student. Just a mere student. (Yuck drama).

As much as I would want to blog about my WHOLE day, I can't because of course I am a good student (ha!) and I must research or else I'll fail the seatwork. but nevertheless, I'm still really really really really glad that God made a way to make me smile today. See how God always gives happy endings? :)

Gotta go. My paper is waiting for me. Love to all.

"When I look at the stars, I feel like myself.."


thou shall not steal.

It's one of the commandments. And a good Catholic SHOULD follow it.

People always say I'm too jealous, too possessive. I grew up an only child, with no one to share my things so this is pretty much natural. I'm not selfish.. I just want to make sure what's mine is mine alone. There are just some things you cannot share and doesn't it make you MAD when someone attempts to steal them from you?

Exhibit A.
You make your own aliases and screen names. You use them as your signature, your Yahoo ID and as your codename. Everybody knows it's yours. But wow, all of a sudden you see someone else use it on Friendster. Well, hello, now everybody knows her for YOUR username. How nice.

Exhibit B.
You make something on your own, with your own time, creativity and effort. You learned everything from scratch and surprise! You see it being used by someone else and takes credit for it. Hello, hello again. You want to snap at her but you can't.

Exhibit C.
You want to forget that this someone is stealing something from you. You want to forgive her. You just want to put it all behind you and pray that she will not do it. You try your best to control yourself when you see her, you try to erase all evil thoughts, you force yourself to shut up when the very sound of her name comes up. But when she's there, in flesh and you see her attempting to steal your thing, you just want to explode right then and there.

I can't crack in school so I'll just do it here. How could they?! How could they sleep at night when they know they actually stole SOMETHING from someone?! How could they look at this person straight in the eye when they know that they did something wrong? HOW?! How do they manage to walk with chin up high and say "Hey! I'm an original!" when in fact they aren't? You know what, I'm actually being good here because I do not attack them in person. I actually try to forget them. But when I think about it, I just can't help but feel so irritated and betrayed. The first two are actually, well forgiven (sort of). But the last one.. oh God. I do not know when or how I am going to put her in the forgiven list but I know for sure it's not going to be anytime soon. It is so freakin' hard to love the people who hurt you. You try to compromise and forgive.. but they don't do anything about it. Are they numb or something? Aren't they even aware of their surroundings?!

I better stop. This is probably enough to make me feel okay for a little while.

By the way, I had fun at the Youth Camp yesterday even though it was corny. I made new friends! Yaaay! Hope they don't become enemies. :)

I'm currently loving Bio, specifically our topic these days, Genetics. That's why I have to study for it. Hehe. Gotta run.

Love to all those who don't steal. And to those who feel what I'm feeling now.

"dahil ako'y nasasabik sa muli mong pagdampis sa aking labi.."


haffie beeday.

Happy Birthday Nica!

I'm here blogging at Nica's house, which by the way looks like the Big Brother House. Haha. I've been here for almost half-a-day and in a few minutes I'll be going home. But I had a blast really. Nica's nephew even wanted me to ber her girlfriend. Aww. How cute.

Reminded me of my birthday. haha. I want gifts already! I want the whole Gossip Girl book set. Hey Santa! can you hear me?

Blog later. Love to all.

"so happy together.."


once upon a time..

There was a princess named Karla..

I've always wanted to be a princess. Have I ever mentioned that before? I dream of castles, rainbows, prince charmings, pixie dust.. fantasies. I always have this vision that someday I'll be like Sleeping Beauty. My philosophy in life is, "To live my happily ever after." I wish my life is a fairy tale book, full of magic and surprises.

But I guess only the imagined princesses get to live that kind of life.

This past few months have been a tornado. I've experienced emotional ups-and-downs even after only five months or so. I have almost-proven that sophomore life is no fairy tale and the only thing similar to real-life and fantasy-life are the villains. Misunderstandings, fights, intrigues, insults.. oh what pleasure! If only there came a "How To Act Like A Disney Princess In Real Life" book along with the film, well I would have been one of the first people to grab them. It's as if those colorful and wonderful moments would never happen to me. It's just too impossible. Really just imagination. And it's sad isn't?

What's the use of having that kind of philosophy when it's never going to happen?

Then I thought and thought and thought. No one ever said that it's a 0% possibility of happening. I am the main character in my book, but at the same time I'm the author as well. I will do what I want. I will say what I say. I will be what I have to be. Besides, what makes one a princess isn't really the castle or the really nice dresses, it's what's in the heart. ♥ Love. Care. Compassion. And no, I don't have fairy godmothers, dancing teacups, dwarfs or talking sea creatures to help me around but I do have family, friends and God. They can protect me from the (unfortunately) real villains in life. When I think about it, my life is actually better than the princesses in fairy tales. What I need is just right before my very eyes, I'm just too blind to see it.

Yes, I still believe in princesses..
but now I really and firmly believe that I AM in fact a true princess, at heart.
And really, I'm way prettier than Sleeping Beauty. Heehee. :)

And so I SHALL live happily ever after..

happy birthday, nix! :)
"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream.."