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as long as i have you, i have everything.

New layout. My favorite, so far. Featuring of course the on-screen couple Nathan and Haley Scott of One Tree Hill (played by James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Lenz). Oh shux, kinikilig ako parati everytime I see them together! They're so sweet and perfect for each other. It's just that they make me believe in love. They make me FEEL in love. Just the thought of having one person there for you, who will do whatever it takes just to win your love, makes my heart melt. So there, the romantic side of me shows through. I'm so loving this layout. I got the image from daretomove and I coded the layout myself. I swear I never miss an opportunity to pass by this site everytime I surf the net and I always end up downloading icons, wallpapers.. ack. I really am addicted.

Went to mom's ofice today for their Christmas party. I just surfed the Internet there too. Everyone kept saying how pretty I have been (nux..) and how tall I am and how dalaga I am.. blah, blah. I was flattered of course but it made me think if what they were saying was true, a bola or they were just saying that because it's a must to say something like that to teens like me. Haha. Oh well, I choose to believe it's true. *wink*

Tomorrow is Sir Casimiro and Miss Villapando's wedding. I'm so excited for them. They are the best couple in school. Haha. They (especially Sir C) has always been there for me to advice me and guide me in school, more of like an older brother to me. Though it's been two years since I had him for a teacher, he never failed to remind me to focus on my studies and all. We grew really close specially when I stepped in high school because I'd always 'update' him with what's happening to me and everyone else. I'm sort of like his little sister already. I was supposed to be an abay but thanks to Sister *toot* who did not allow students to be part of the entourage, I was merely a guest. But I was still honored because I was the first ever to receive an invitation. :) Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Casimiro! Love to you guys. ♥

Got to go eat. Mwaaaah.

"sweet like candy to my soul, sweet you rock and sweet you roll.."