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beautiful as a dream.

Periodic Exams are finally over! Woohoo! Goodbye long nights of studying and hello long nights of blogging! Yipee. This is what I always love.. the hours and days after the exam. You feel so stress-free. Haha. This also means that the Christmas break has officially started. Well, not yet since we still have our Christmas party on Monday but what the heck, we're FREE!! :) I can feel the Christmas spirit in the air.

I've done some shopping today. I wasn't able to buy lots of things but I'm glad to say that I enjoyed LOOKING for things I wish I could buy. Haha. No, seriously I bought special gifts for special people. There, that's it. You know what, I've been really stressing on what gifts to buy for my acquaintances. I'm actually caught in a dilemma. It's too expensive if I buy them all but it would be mean if I don't. What if I just print them out a card or something? Would that be okay? Ack.

Beautiful as a dream. That's what I am. Joke! :p I saw this shirt at SM today with Aurora's picture and this quote. Of course I so wanted to buy it but: 1) It was too expensive and 2) I have no size (it's for kids). But nevertheless it stuck with me throughout the afternoon and I've come to realize how lucky I really am this year. Though I may not be a top student or a perfect little girl I can still say that this year was quite beautiful and full of blessings. I discovered my inner princess and realized how beautiful I really am. Though I have imperfections and shortcomings, I've come to know who loves me for who I am, the whole packaged deal. And so many other great things have happened to me. I cannot believe that 2005 passed by so quickly. Everything used to be a blur, but now things are finally becoming clearer. Life really is a fairy tale. All I have to do is wait for my happy ending.

Few more months to go, and hello Junior-hood! Haha. I can't believe I'm in high school for almost two years na! Experienced? Naaah. Enjoy the weekend.

P.S. Jal, sobrang enjoy ako. Thanks a lot. Mwaaaaaaaaaah. :)
"But it was you I wanted all along.." -- Nate from Gossip Girl