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here comes the bride..

Yesterday was a blast. I can't believe that the wedding was over. I'm so happy for them. Congrats again, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Casimiro! Trixie, Nica and I went to the wedding courtesy of Nica's dad. We arrived quite early, around 2:00 because in the invitation it said 3:00. But of course, Filipino time, that's why it started at around 4:00. The chapel was nice. It was very peaceful. It looked like a giant kubo, there were trees everywhere and the seats were shaped like cut logs. It was so beautiful. The number of guests were quite few but it was picture perfect. We took pics using my phone so as not to kill ourselves out of boredom. When it was finally time for the bride to walk down the aisle, I could tell Miss Villapando (she's still a "miss" that time.. hehe) wanted to cry. She was so pretty. I wanted to cry too because I really am so happy that they ended up together. Sir Casimiro is lucky to have her. Anyway, the ceremony was short yet I felt magic in the air. Actually, we were laughing since the priest (let's not mention names, okay?) was singing and his voice was croaking and well, I just don't want to name who or what else made us laugh because they might come across this blog and kill me. Basta, we were quite noisy but we managed to hold back our laughs for a bit. :) In the end, we joined the picture taking along with some teachers and after that.. eating time!

The reception place was just beside the chapel, in Nature's Cafe. It was still a kubo, but it was nice. There were flowers and candles along the walkway, and to tell you honestly the food was good. When it was time to throw the bouquet, we (people from St. Paul) were all rooting for Ms. Toledo, our adviser because.. well later. The first throw was bitin so Mrs Casimiro (they're married na!) threw it again and this time Ms. Toledo just caught it with ease. Parang she was meant to get that. Then when it was time for the groom to throw the garter and guess who we were rooting for? Sir Santos! Yihee.. siyempre Sir Casimiro "purposely" threw the garter towards Sir Santos' direction and there! Perfect match! Why Ms. Toledo and Sir Santos? Well let's just say there's something fishy.. haha. Chismis. We left quite early nga, because we felt out of place already and we had to go back to Nica's house where we will be fetched. Aion.

Weddings always make me feel good. I don't know. Maybe because of its comforting and scary thought of having someone there for you not just for a couple of days or months but forever. It's also probably because I'm always fascinated by the fact that these two people met, fell in love and everything just fell into the right places. Despite all the hatred and wrath in the world, it's wonderful to know that you'll have someone to share all the happiness with you, to make your life colorful. It's magical, isn't it? I don't want to think of my wedding right this moment, though.. all I know is that it's going to be just like a fairy tale. I'm the princess bride. ;)

Wanna see all the pics?
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Wow, only a few more days till Christmas. Thanks to all who commented and tagged. Much love to you guys.

♥ Happy Holidays! :)

"in a world where everybody hates a happy ending story it's a wonder love can make the world go round.."