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i'm in school!! hooray.

Can you believe that I'm blogging in school?! Haha. No, I'm not illegal. We're in the CAI Lab for our CL class and obviously I wouldn't miss the opportunity to blog. This is a first, man. Woohoo. We're supposed to be answering for questions but what the heck I could do that later. haha. So anyway, how am I? Geez, this is such an awkward moment, I have never surfed the Internet in school (basically because I didn't know we had Internet.. hehe). Thank God for CL. Nyeh. Pero di nga. Now if only we'll be doing this more often.. that would be awesome!!

Today started out really BAD. First, when I was about to reach school (I was walking) this car out of nowhere passed in front of me and splashed the water from the puddles in my shoes!! It was too late to go back to our house! Good thing my tissue was to the rescue and I have nothing to do but wipe it away. Ick. Then I found out that I lost my Chemistry assignment. Darn. And I was so proud of it because my dad knew all the kilowatts and I finished it quickly yesterday. But no, I think I forgot it at home and now I am homework-less. Bummer. I though this day was gonna end up pretty bad, but of course CL saved me. Thank you, thank you Miss! You may not be my favorite but you really made me happy today. Really. :)

Periodic Exams this week. Shucks. I'm soo not ready. I mean, yeah I started reviewing already but it's just so hard to put myself in "study mode" when all my systems are shouting "Christmas!!" But of course, I don't want to slack off or I might not be able to reap 'good fruits.' Anyway, stress is taking over me now but I vow myself not to let it get to me. Not to stop me from doing what I must do: study. For I am a student. Just a mere student. (Yuck drama).

As much as I would want to blog about my WHOLE day, I can't because of course I am a good student (ha!) and I must research or else I'll fail the seatwork. but nevertheless, I'm still really really really really glad that God made a way to make me smile today. See how God always gives happy endings? :)

Gotta go. My paper is waiting for me. Love to all.

"When I look at the stars, I feel like myself.."