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once upon a time..

There was a princess named Karla..

I've always wanted to be a princess. Have I ever mentioned that before? I dream of castles, rainbows, prince charmings, pixie dust.. fantasies. I always have this vision that someday I'll be like Sleeping Beauty. My philosophy in life is, "To live my happily ever after." I wish my life is a fairy tale book, full of magic and surprises.

But I guess only the imagined princesses get to live that kind of life.

This past few months have been a tornado. I've experienced emotional ups-and-downs even after only five months or so. I have almost-proven that sophomore life is no fairy tale and the only thing similar to real-life and fantasy-life are the villains. Misunderstandings, fights, intrigues, insults.. oh what pleasure! If only there came a "How To Act Like A Disney Princess In Real Life" book along with the film, well I would have been one of the first people to grab them. It's as if those colorful and wonderful moments would never happen to me. It's just too impossible. Really just imagination. And it's sad isn't?

What's the use of having that kind of philosophy when it's never going to happen?

Then I thought and thought and thought. No one ever said that it's a 0% possibility of happening. I am the main character in my book, but at the same time I'm the author as well. I will do what I want. I will say what I say. I will be what I have to be. Besides, what makes one a princess isn't really the castle or the really nice dresses, it's what's in the heart. ♥ Love. Care. Compassion. And no, I don't have fairy godmothers, dancing teacups, dwarfs or talking sea creatures to help me around but I do have family, friends and God. They can protect me from the (unfortunately) real villains in life. When I think about it, my life is actually better than the princesses in fairy tales. What I need is just right before my very eyes, I'm just too blind to see it.

Yes, I still believe in princesses..
but now I really and firmly believe that I AM in fact a true princess, at heart.
And really, I'm way prettier than Sleeping Beauty. Heehee. :)

And so I SHALL live happily ever after..

happy birthday, nix! :)
"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream.."