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OTH syndrome.

Oh geez. I can't stop myself. I am officially addicted to One Tree Hill. I've been surfing Naley sites for hours, downloading icons like crazy, and oh just thinking about it makes me wanna go out the streets and scream, "I love you Nathaaaaaaaan!" But just before I go bonkers, I'd like to blog first, just in case I get caught up in my addiction later on.

I don't know why but somehow, OTH always makes a way to creep through my veins and make me excited. When I see pictures of them or read quotes about them, I don't know, I just go berserk. Next thing you know, I'll be marrying Nathan Scott and actually believe I'm Haley. Or I'll actually wake up and be best friends with Brooke or something. Whatever it is that's with One Tree Hill, it has surely gotten me. I LOOOOVE OTH! I better stop or I'll die out of too much adrenaline rush.

Two more days till Christmas. Wow. Talk about fast. I'm sick: cough and colds. Boo. Now I'm stuck at home, bonding with our PC instead of partying and shaking my booty. Fantastic isn't it? I wonder what gifts I'll be receiving this time? I do hope they're not default gifts like (oh the horror!) picture frames or *gasp* angel figurines. Please. I've had enough of those in the past 13 Christmases I've had. Yeah I know it's the thought that counts, pero I can't help but wonder if they really thought of me while buying that gift or they just had no choice. Wala ng maisip, eto na lang. Whatever. At least may gift. But still. Except for the picture frame Mikka gave me, (it was shaped like a crown and had the word Princess on it! :p) no more default gifts! Please.

1. One Tree Hill DVDs -- Waaaaaaah! I need this. Badly.
2. Gossip Girl second set -- oh geez I want this.
3. princess stuff -- yeah, anything princess and Aurora will do.
* I'm really not that hard to please, am I? :)

So that's just about it for now. My husband Nathan is calling for me. Yeah, right. Oh gahd, somebody snap me out of this insanity. Love to all.

Merry Christmas! :)

"I dare you to move, like today never happened, today never happened before.."