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still in love.

I'm back and Tree Hill-ed. Haha. So far I've finished Season One and it was goooood. We went to Festival yesterday. I bought celebrity magazines at Book Sale, hoping and wishing that one of them would have James Lafferty in it. The first two were full of Chad posters. No offense to his fans, but it's pretty tiring to always see his face. When I picked up the third mag, to my surprise there are OTH Behind the Scenes and a James Lafferty poster!!! Wow. I was so thrilled! And it even had his address in it. Well not his residential address, but the one wherein you get to send your fan mail (in my case, love letters), haha. Cool. Man, he's hot. Hotter than Christian Bale (aka Bruce Wayne). I suddenly remembered that my mom showed me a picture of Dustin Hoffman, when he was in his 20s I think, and it had a dedication which said, "To Ana Marie, Love Dustin Hoffman." Amazing, right? My mom also had celebrity crushes before and when she asked for their pictures (of course with the help of the addresses in the magazines.. she really is my mom :p), they actually send one! Which brings my hopes up that maybe, just maybe, James Lafferty will take the time to read my letter and send me his autograph, though I wish he could send himself instead. I mean, probably most of his letters come from girls in the US and I come from the Philippines so that would hopefully increase my chances, right? He might get interested and try to find me and fly here to Manila and when he finds out I'm only in high school he still marries me because anyway, he married Haley when they were Juniors. Haha. I really have to stop now.

In a few days, I'd be wearing that uniform again, walking in the same halls and spending my weeks in the place called school. I can't believe that after only three months and 2 major tests, it'll be summer and after that I'd be in third year. Wow. Ten years in St. Paul already? But I can still remember the day in Kinder I, when I met my best-friend-slash-best-enemy Hope. Who would've thought we'd still be close now? And the years I've spent with Trixie, Nica, Mikka, Cathe, LA, Missy, Anile, Inna, Keng, Alyssa.. has it really been that long? I cannot believe it. And look, only a few more years and we'd be saying goodbye to the place that nurtured and took care of us. Okay, I'm being all dramatic again. Sure I hate "tipol" when we are loaded with projects and nasty teachers. But this is the place we all LOVE to hate. Soon it will only be a memory. No more First Friday masses or chimes. I'm excited with college but I'll be carrying St. Paul with me forever. Until that day though, I will resent going to school! Haha. Kidding. Tamad pa ko pumasok eh.

Recently, I'm into wearing eyeliner. I don't know what got into me the day I bought my first eyeliner. Part of teenhood, I suppose? Naah. I'm guessing it's just vanity. So now I look like a punk/goth/rocker chick. Haha. But I must admit, I look hot. HAHA. My grandma said I looked cool. Now I'm thinking if she said that because I'm her granddaughter or it's true. Hmm. Hope it's the latter.

Got to go make my "fanmail." One Tree Hill, here I come!! :)
Love to all Nathan Scott! =]

"i'm gonna love you more than anyone.."