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tutor girl.

Belated Merry Christmas and Advanced Happy New Year! :) I'm staying at my lola's house in Batangas this week so here I am in the nearby mall blogging. How can I NOT blog? Anyway, Christmas went really well as I got ALL the things in my wishlist! Yeeeees! One Tree Hill dvds for Season 1 AND 2 (talk about fantastic!), the next three books in the Gossip Girl series and yes, princess stuff. Plus something I really didn't expect. Havaianas!! Woohoo.

I met this guy one Tuesday, a few months back. He's hot, handsome, everybody wants him. I know his name and all but I really didn't care much about him until that Tuesday. It was love at first sight. That Saturday I saw him again and his smile.. oh God, how can you not fall in love with that smile? We agreed to meet the next Tuesday. He didn't fail me because on the following Tuesday I did see him again and he showed me how sweet he really is. After an hour, I was sure that I'm in love. Anyway, I didn't see him after that for a while but then I saw pictures of him! Lots and lots of pictures of him in yup, you guessed it, in the Internet. I started getting them like crazy. I love him and I even placed his picture secretly in my ID. I always made a way to see him every Tuesday. It was like a secret deal, that I HAD to see him. He's so gorgeous. I could marry him right then and there. And now, a few days after Christmas, I'm missing him and I can't get him off my head. Now I'm pretty sure you're all guessing who this lucky guy is. Haha. Anyway, I'll tell you but don't laugh okay?

Nathan Scott. OH MY GOD HE IS THE BOMB. I'm falling for him harder after every episode. He is waaaay hotter than Bruce Wayne or Cedric Diggory. I never had a celebrity crush like this before! I dream of him, I think of him, I love him! Sure I liked Champ or Drew Arellano, but you know I sort of forget about them. I don't get excited when I see them or I don't think of them when they're not there. But Nathan (aka James Lafferty)? I cannot even count how many times I closed my eyes and just wished that somehow, I could be Haley and we'll end up happily ever after. I love you, Nathan Scott!!!!!!!!

Speaking of Haley, I suddenly realized why of all the girls, I liked her best. Because I actually see myself in her. Okay, I'm not saying this just because I like Nathan but when I stop to think about it, I am Haley. I am never going to be the popular and bitchy queen Brooke is nor the tormented artist like Peyton. But I do tutor my classmates sometimes, especially in Geometry. :) Yeah, I know some of you might be protesting right now, but when I think about it, Haley is the closest I'll ever be to being Lil Miss Nice. I guess the only thing I need to 'practice' on to be more like Haley is when I try to always see the good in people. To not always judge people based on what others see or the first impression. And to actually make a difference. Like what she did to Nathan. Oh and of course, I need a Nathan to be a Haley. :D Haha. I'll be realistic, I'll never come close to being all the other celebrities I picture myself to be like Holly Golightly or Rachel Green. But I think I can be Haley James-Scott if I want to because after all, I am already a bit like her. Just a little more, Karla. :p

Okay all this One Tree Hill talk makes me sound like a geek. Well I have nothing better to do than watch it! And I'm loving every minute of it. Sigh. I sound really pathetic. Maybe I should stop thinking about Nathan and the rest of the Tree Hill people even just for a while? Hmm. *thinks about other things*

I can't. Nathan is too handsome to be forgotten. :p

Love to all. Hope you're enjoying your vacation. Mwaaaaaaah!

"So why can't forever start today?" -- Nathan