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very, very happy feet.

This is a post of a pair of feet who got what they want when they least expected it.

Feet are meant to move a person from one place to another, to travel and discover new places. It is the body's means of transportation. Feet leave behind footsteps that makes people remember, feet are paired with shoes that makes them shine and feet have to be pampered. But this is not the case if you are owned by a 14-year-old high school student. You are stuck in white socks and dull black shoes for five days a week (sometimes 6), eight to ten hours a day. It's hot and though it is comfortable, we long for air and well, style. We have to admit though, our owner has a fetish for shoes. She loves shoes and she always make it a point to dress us up nicely (and we are thankful)but to the point where we get blisters or wounds just for the sake of beauty. It's a hard life. We don't even get foot spas or massages or whatever kind of pampering. Some say we are our owner's asset (aside from her hands and smile and skin :p) but it is hard keeping up with that teenaged brat. What we need is something that can make us feel comfortable, relaxed and fashionable as well, even for long hours of shopping or walking around.

Then comes Happy Feet, an old brand of bakya who made its comeback from the 70's. Our owner's titas even claimed owning one during their high school days (her mom didn't because she was flatfooted). Knowing our owner, she LONGED for a pair when she set her eyes on it because it was IN and we figured she knew that it was therapeutic as well. Relatives and even Karla herself promised to save for that "glorious pair." But it has been months since that day and our hopes were almost crashing because we knew that day would never come -- almost.

After a usual shopping spree, we were surprised when Karla's dad gave her mom money to buy her a pair of Happy Feet!! Wow. It was so amazing. It made us feel like stars. At first there were no sizes for the right colors, no designs for the right sizes.. it was a tough fight. But I guess Karla's strong urge to have a pair kept her fitting and fitting and fitting.. until she found the one As we tried it on, we felt as if heaven opened up and sang Alleluia with us. It was a great sigh of relief. Happy Feet is much cheaper than the other pairs she's been eyeing on yet for us, it is a much better choice. As we walked away from landmark, we felt as if we were gliding on air. It felt so great. It was a piece of heaven. And we had to admit, it was damn hot. We are superstars.

So yes, the long wait is finally over but the saying "You only want me when you can't have me," doesn't go for us because we want Happy Feet more and more every minute.

Happy and contented Feet: That's us with our new buddies.


So there. That was my day. I'm still wearing them now even though I'm only typing nonsense on our PC. I'm really happy today so nothing can stop me! :) Still got a lot going this week since tomorrow is our Christmas party, on Tuesday is Mom's Christmas Party at her office and on Wednesday is Sir C and Miss V's wedding. I'm soo excited for them! :)

Love to all the happy feet in the world. =]

"Coz you know I'd walk a thousand miles if I could just see you.."