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woof woof. bark bark. arf arf.

Wow! Six hours and a couple more minutes to go and hello 2006! Another year full of hopefully happiness and lesser pain. Whatever. Twelve more months of life. Yipee.

Last night we watched the Pyro Olympics along Macapagal. We weren't on the exact place it was held, we were somewhere along the tiangges along with a good number of people. My, my we waited for 2 hours! And that was just for the first country. Then another 2 hours for the next one. But the wait is worth it. The fireworks display was fantastic. I must admit, I was so amazed I even ooh-ed and aah-ed with the crowd. Harhar. So anyway, while waiting I was thinking of how life for 2006 might be. As I watched the fireworks display, I kinda remembered what I used to say to myself when I was down. That life was just like the sky, sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy, sometimes cloudy and sometimes just plain dark, like the night. It changes and it's normal. Watching the fireworks reminded me of something. Fireworks don't last very long, just a few seconds. But they look so beautiful, and they are so bright and colorful that it doesn't matter how long they stay in the sky, we always remember how fantastic they were. And after the fireworks display, they're gone but we will always treasure the moments we had when we saw them. The reaction, the amazement, the happy feeling. I can say this year has been full of 'fireworks' for me. I didn't really enjoy it that much unlike the other years, but I can say that a lot of good little things happened during the three hundred and sixty five days I've spent. They didn't last long but they certainly warmed my heart or put a smile on my face. And you know the saying, "The smallest flame is the one that burns the brightest"? Well that goes out to all the special little happenings in my life. You see, I entered 2005 with a heartbreak. I just came from a bad fight and everything was sort of in a mess. Then came second year and obviously, it wasn't the best year I had. But there were simple things that happened to me and though they weren't huge or life-altering, I can say they were pretty special and they made me stronger. Like the Intrams during my freshman year. Everything sort of fell in their respective places after that. I had a nasty accident but so what? I sang on stage for Rivermaya. :p Or the Cadbury Pinky bar Nica gave me. Who would've thought it would be my last? They're not selling Cadbury Pinkies anymore, but that one really tasted so heavenly. The marshmallow, the caramel.. aaah. Or my birthday this year. Technically, I got a box. But a box full of special things that mattered to me: songs, storybooks (about Princess Aurora of course!), letters, LOVE from people who care. And of course One Tree Hill. Hehe. These are just few of the fireworks I had this year. To a regular person, these are probably just a bunch of crap. But to me, they're special, because they made me smile, they made me look forward to the days to come. And though they didn't actually make big changes in life, I will always remember them. Because they managed to light up my "sky," even for a little while.

Do I have a New year's Resolution? I really don't make one because I end up getting frustrated when I can't do it. But this year, I decided to have one, just so I would be inspired to do good things. haha. I want to be Haley. (Here I go again with the OTH talk! I can't seem to stop!) I want to be happy in simple ways. I want to be the bestest friend I'll ever be to my friends. I want to share my time and knowledge to those who need it. I want life to be simple. I want to be in love (calling Nathan Scott!). I just want to be someone that is not too far away from who I am right now. Just a better, upgraded version of me. haha, is that what it's supposed to be called? Whatever. Wish me luck on my so-called resolution. Good luck on yours too!

Got this from Patty.
What this is:
List seven songs that you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, they must be songs that you're really enjoying right now. Post these intructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they are listening to.
The Seven Songs
1. Dare You To Move by Switchfoot
2. More Than Anyone by Gavin De Graw
3. Crash Into You by Dave Matthews band
4. Prinsesa by Teeth
5. I Don't Wanna Be by Gavin De Graw
6. Stars by Switchfoot
7. Far Away by Nickelback
The Seven People: Cars, Rina, Janine, Lala, Gliza, CJ and Ate Janina.

Long post? Sorry. Last naman na for this year. I'm so excited to jump! Haha. I need to grow taller. How else can I kiss James Lafferty if he's so tall? Oh well, height doesn't matter anyway. :p

Love to all. Happy New Year!
Awooooooooooo! Arf, arf! =]

"I wanted you to stay, ‘Cause I needed, I need to hear you say that I love you, I have loved you all along.. And I forgive you for being away for far too long.. So keep breathing, 'cause I’m not leaving.. Hold on to me.." -- Far Away by Nickelback